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Our team is composed of diverse passionate editors, writers, and contributors, all of whom are fueled by curiosity in their quest to find inspiration from a novel perspective. We leverage our access, insights, and knowledge in order to share it with you.

We are dedicated to a standard of editorial excellence based in real-world experience and in-the-field reporting in order to maintain a genuine, authentic and, thus, trustworthy – whether that comes through as creative, experimental, straight-up or strange. (Our editorial standards and ethics)

The Editorial Team

Vincent Nguyen – Editor-in-Chief

Vincent Nguyen’s career, which initially took root in pre-med biochemistry, flourished in the tech consulting sector, where he contributed significantly to industry behemoths like Andersen Consulting, Sprint, DHL, and IBM. Over a decade, he made his mark in this field before pivoting to explore the captivating intersection of technology and automotive.

Guiding an expert team of editors for the past twenty years, Vincent has journeyed through over 30 unique nations and accumulated an astonishing three million air miles. This unrelenting quest for innovation has always aimed at unearthing the next groundbreaking shift in technology.

Today, Vincent’s focus is on the fascinating new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He sees AI as the key to unlocking the next major advancements in technology and the automotive industry. His excitement about exploring AI-enhanced supercars, autonomous vehicles, or data-driven prototypes is infectious. He is enthusiastic about being part of this transformative era and sharing it with everyone.

Vincent’s skills extend to reviewing the nuts and bolts of tomorrow’s everyday cars, studying high-end luxury sedans, and testing supercars on world-renowned racetracks like Pikes Peak, Daytona, and Le Mans. His insights come from his hands-on experience with sophisticated data technologies and his continuous exploration of AI. His knowledge spans from supercars to everyday gadgets, and he has an inherent curiosity for innovative prototypes.

Despite his vast knowledge, Vincent regards himself as a constant student in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry. His passion lies in understanding how the future of AI can transform our daily lives, and he is eager to demystify these exciting developments for everyone. His inclusive approach aims to bring the complex world of AI and automotive technology closer to the everyday individual. twitter: @nguyen

The Management Team

Ewdison Then – Publisher

Ewdison Then is the co-publisher of DLMAG and Yanko Design. He has been covering the consumer technology industry for almost two decades. He is an open-source advocate/developer and was involved with many popular open-source projects such as Fedora Linux, Blue Linux, and FoxServ server stack. Before co-founding DLMAG, Ewdison co-founded SlashGear, one of the world’s leading technology, science, and automotive publication.

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