Editorial Standards

About facts and accuracy

We understand the importance that any facts stated within an article are correct and try to verify them prior to publishing. We will try to indicate original sources and data when it’s possible. We are human and make mistakes on occasion that requires an update or correction. However, if you spot an error, then please do not hesitate to contact us through our page.

Our sources and opinions

We rely upon many different sources to create our articles and stories. Those sources can range from first-hand experience, to interviews, press releases and third-party information. We might record an interview when it’s appropriate with the assumption that the source is on the record.

If a source prefers not to be named due to a safety-risk or retribution by an individual or organization, then we reserve the right to not reveal the source. Any requests for anonymity will be juded on a case-by-case basis.

Dlmag is first and foremost an online lifestyle publication, therefore, our articles and stories are will often express the voice and opinion of our editors. Our editors remain open-minded, but their character and personality may come through when communicating the pros and cons of a product or service during a review, hands-on report or first impression. Of course, we will attempt to justify any criticism.

Reader Feedback

We invite readers to give their feedback on experiences with a product, company or service through our social feeds or privately via our contact page. While dlmag would love to respond to all comments we cannot promise a response to each and every individual.

That being said, dlmag is of the opinon that there are certain rules and requirements for commenting. While we value your comments, they must be respectful and we will not tolerate anything that is considered offensive, off-topic, or that marginalizes certain segments of society. We reserve the right to remove any comments as such.

Review Process and Rating

When dlmag reviews a product or service, we may give it a rating which will be based out of 10. The purpose of this may be to help our readers make a comparison in a certain segment decide how to spend their money.

Aspects like price, features, utility and innovation factor into the final rating given. We try to review products close to their release dates but might review something that has gone unrecognized that still has relevance to the current time frame.