All-new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe Unveiled: Where Elegance Meets Exhilaration

Mercedes-AMG has introduced the new AMG GLC Coupe, broadening its successful midsize series. The AMG GLC Coupe embodies dynamic elegance and characteristic AMG features, marking a significant addition to the brand’s model portfolio. Its design is highlighted by striking proportions and expressive styling, which emphasize its unique appearance. This is further complemented by a sporty and elegant interior, showcasing the brand’s continuous commitment to delivering high-quality, aesthetically pleasing vehicles.

The AMG GLC Coupe model lineup includes two robust models aimed at catering to a broad spectrum of performance enthusiasts. The GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe is a milestone model for the brand, being its first performance hybrid SUV coupe, with a notable system output of 671 horsepower. On the other hand, the GLC 43 Coupe comes with 416 horsepower, with an additional temporary boost of 13 horsepower through a belt-driven starter generator at lower engine speeds, offering a different level of performance to cater to diverse driving preferences.

A suite of standard equipment accompanies the AMG GLC Coupe, aimed at enhancing the dynamic driving experience. This includes rear-axle steering for improved handling, all-wheel drive for optimized traction, an AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9G transmission with a wet start-off clutch for smooth gear shifts, and an AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension with adaptive damping to ensure a comfortable and controlled ride. Through these features, Mercedes-AMG aims to provide a balanced, high-performance driving experience in the new AMG GLC Coupe, making it a noteworthy addition to the midsize series.

A Blend of Athleticism and Elegance: The Exterior Design of the New Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe

The new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe exhibits a sporty silhouette characterized by a fluid transition to the rear, embodying a harmonious blend of athleticism and elegance. A striking feature is how the headlights seamlessly connect to the top of the AMG-specific radiator grille, accentuating the vehicle’s width and lending it a bold stance. The AMG front fascia is meticulously designed with large air inlets, vertical fins, and additional flics, setting forth independent, striking accents that emphasize the vehicle’s sporty persona.

The precision in design extends to the side edges, emphasizing the sporty proportions and the robust wheel arches that house the wheels, reflecting a blend of form and function. The wheel arch trim, painted in body color alongside the AMG side sill panels, is harmoniously integrated into the exterior design, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. The vehicle’s wide track underscores a confident appearance, further accentuated by flush-fitting wheels available in 19-, 20-, or 21-inch sizes, offering a choice to cater to varying aesthetic preferences.

At the rear, the two-piece taillights contribute to visually widening the AMG GLC Coupe with a connecting element that enhances the vehicle’s broad stance. Depending on the model, the rear fascia adopts an AMG-specific diffuser look (GLC 43) or an additional diffuser board (GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE), accompanied by the two twin tailpipe trims. These elements enhance the aerodynamic efficiency and contribute to a visually striking rear design, embodying the dynamic and elegant ethos of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe.

Inside the New Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe: A Focus on Interior Elements

The interior of the Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe offers a blend of sportiness and comfort. The standard AMG seats come in MB-Tex/microfiber upholstery with unique graphics, providing a sporty touch. Optional leather and Nappa leather upholstery with an embossed AMG crest on the front headrests are available for those seeking a more luxurious feel. Additionally, optional AMG Performance seats can be selected.

Standard on the GLC 43 is an AMG Performance steering wheel in Nappa leather, while the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE features a Nappa leather/microfiber steering wheel. Both models have a flattened steering wheel at the bottom, perforated in the grip area, and fitted with aluminum shift paddles. The inclusion of two round AMG DRIVE UNIT buttons facilitates quick and precise operation of various dynamic driving functions and the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programs.

The AMG sports pedals, floor mats, and illuminated door sills add to the interior aesthetics and functionality. The MBUX infotainment system is integrated into the vehicle, featuring AMG-specific displays and functions, including independent displays in the instrument cluster, a central multimedia display, and an optional head-up display. The AMG-exclusive “Supersport” style offers a vertical format for displaying driver-focused content, including a set-up menu for viewing the current suspension or transmission settings. It also allows for the display of navigation maps or consumption data.

For the performance-oriented driver, the AMG TRACK PACE, standard on the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE and optional for the GLC 43, serves as a data logger for use on the racetrack. This feature records more than 80 vehicle-specific data ten times per second, such as speed, acceleration, steering angle, and brake pedal operation, while driving on a racetrack. It also provides a display of lap and sector times, along with additional training and analysis tools, providing a useful tool for those keen on tracking and improving their driving performance. The Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe aims to provide a balanced combination of sportiness, luxury, and technological functionality through these interior elements.

Comparing Performance and Battery Technology: Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe Models

The Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe models feature a hand-built AMG 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric exhaust turbocharger, enhancing responsiveness across various speeds. This engine is developed and manufactured at the company’s Affalterbach location.

In the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe, this engine produces 469 hp and 402 lb-ft of torque, and when combined with a synchronous electric motor, it provides a total system output of 671 hp and 752 lb-ft of torque. This combination allows the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 171 mph.

On the other hand, the GLC 43 Coupe’s engine produces 416 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. This model features a belt-driven starter generator that briefly provides an additional 13 hp at lower engine speeds, enhancing responsiveness and efficiency.

The turbocharger in the GLC 63 S is larger compared to the GLC 43, contributing to a higher air flow rate and more power. Additionally, the electric motor in the GLC 63 S’s turbocharger is powered by a 400-volt system, further enhancing its performance capabilities.

The high-performance battery in the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe has a capacity of 6.1 kWh, providing 107 hp continuous power and 201 hp peak power for ten seconds. This battery can be charged via recuperation or a 3.7 kW on-board AC charger. It’s designed for fast power delivery and absorption rather than long-range use. The battery also features innovative direct cooling to maintain optimal temperature, crucial for performance, longevity, and safety.

Both models use the AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9G transmission with a wet start-off clutch, ensuring smooth gear transitions and improved response to accelerator pedal input. However, their all-wheel-drive systems differ; the GLC 43 uses the AMG Performance 4MATIC with a fixed power distribution between the front and rear axles, while the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE employs the AMG Performance 4MATIC+ fully variable all-wheel drive for a more flexible power distribution.

Steering Innovations in Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe Models: A Blend of Luxury and Agility

The Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe models incorporate a unique steering system designed to enhance driving comfort and agility, embodying a blend of luxury and performance. The key elements of this system are the three-stage AMG speed-sensitive steering and standard rear-axle steering.

The AMG speed-sensitive steering adapts its response based on the vehicle’s speed and the selected drive program. The system increases steering assistance at lower speeds, making it easier to maneuver and park. Conversely, the steering assistance decreases at higher speeds, allowing for better control and feedback, which is particularly noticeable in the “Sport” and “Sport+” suspension settings.

The rear-axle steering feature further enhances the vehicle’s nimbleness. Below speeds of 62 mph, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels, effectively shortening the wheelbase and making the vehicle more agile during turns and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. This feature can noticeably reduce the turning circle, a luxury when navigating tight urban environments. Above 62 mph, the rear wheels align with the front wheels, virtually extending the wheelbase for improved stability during high-speed maneuvers.

The responsiveness of the rear-axle steering is also tailored based on the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive program, allowing for a personalized driving experience.

The steering innovations in the Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe models exemplify ‘driving luxury’ by offering a seamless blend of effortless maneuverability and precise control. The adaptive nature of the steering system, coupled with the rear-axle steering, ensures a comfortable yet engaging driving experience tailored to both the driver’s preferences and the driving scenario at hand. Through these features, drivers can enjoy the luxury of a smooth, easy drive while still having the option for more dynamic and responsive handling when desired.

Personalization at Its Best: Equipment Packages for Mercedes-AMG GLC Models

The Mercedes-AMG GLC models come with an array of equipment packages that allow for a high degree of personalization, catering to individual tastes and preferences. These packages enhance the aesthetic appeal and offer a hint of exclusivity to the vehicle. Here’s a breakdown of the available packages:

AMG Night Package:

  • This package adds a touch of sophistication with high-gloss black finishes to the exterior mirror housings, AMG side sill trim inlays, shoulder trim, window surrounds, and rear bumper trim.
  • It also includes black chrome twin tailpipe accents for the AMG exhaust system, lending the vehicle a stealthy yet stylish look.

AMG Night Package Plus:

  • Building on the AMG Night Package, the Plus variant introduces dark chrome accents to the fins of the radiator grille, badging on the fenders, and the rear of the vehicle, including the star emblem at the rear. These accents further accentuate the vehicle’s dynamic appearance.
  • AMG Exterior Carbon Package:
  • For those who appreciate a sporty aesthetic, this package features high-quality visible carbon elements for the A-wing of the AMG front fascia, inserts of the AMG side sill panels, and a trim strip in the AMG rear fascia. The carbon accents exude a race-inspired look and feel.

AMG Performance Studio Package (Exclusive to GLC 43):

  • This package ramps up the sportiness of the GLC 43 with a high-gloss black front splitter, side flics, and a rear diffuser with a diffuser board, paying homage to the motorsport design.
  • Additionally, it includes high-gloss black flics for the air outlets in the rear fascia, giving the vehicle an even bolder appearance.

These packages are designed to cater to different preferences, whether one prefers a sleek, sophisticated look with the Night Packages or a sportier, more aggressive appearance with the Exterior Carbon and Performance Studio Packages. Through these options, Mercedes-AMG allows owners to personalize their GLC models, ensuring that the vehicle truly reflects their style while maintaining the brand’s signature luxury and performance ethos.

Upcoming Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe Models: A Blend of Performance and Style

The new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe models showcase a blend of performance, design, and innovative features that highlight the brand’s ongoing commitment to quality and driving excellence. These models come with powerful engine options, advanced steering systems, and a range of personalization packages, allowing for a tailored driving experience.

Key features like the innovative steering systems and the variety of drive modes enhance the handling and driving dynamics, offering a balance of comfort and agility. The equipment packages provide an opportunity for personalization, ensuring each model caters to individual preferences in style and appearance.

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe, set to be available in 2024, offers a blend of performance and design elements that appeal to a broad range of drivers. On the other hand, the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupe, coming in 2025, takes performance and efficiency a step further with its hybrid technology, portraying a glimpse into the future of performance-oriented, efficient vehicles.

In conclusion, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe models offer a delightful combination of power, luxury, and personalization that perfectly embodies the brand’s legacy while also giving us a glimpse into the future of automotive innovation. Car enthusiasts will undoubtedly be thrilled with this exciting addition to the Mercedes collection.