Five Scenic Getaways That Ensure Safe Holidaying Amidst the Pandemic

With travel restrictions from Covid 19 slowly but surely easing up, the urge to get an escape from the home quarantine gets stronger by the day. They say nature is the best healer; thus, a getaway into the wilderness probably is the best and safest alternative to a commercial holiday. You get to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature, all while maintaining social distancing.

Yes, camping is a way you can go about achieving your nature holiday, but that often entails compromising on comfort. There are several hidden gems dotted all around the world that make for great nature getaways. These places are less frequented and ensure you don’t compromise on any of the daily luxuries of life. Here’s a list of a few we found to be particularly appealing.

Falcon Trails Resort, Minatoba, Canada

For those of our readers living close to the Canadian province of Manitoba, you must be well aware of the scenic beauty the land over there has to offer. The landscape offers diverse terrain ranging from lakes and rivers, to lush forested mountains and even the artic tundra. Located near Falcon Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park, the Falcon Trails Resort is the perfect destination for your next winter getaway.

The lakefront property consists of nine cozy wooden eco-cabins and a main lodge with comfortable suites. The view you are greeted with at the window would make the perfect backdrop for your morning coffee. Nearby, is the Top of The World hiking trail where you can experience breathtaking views of High Lake. They even have a sauna right at the lakefront where you can detox from all the stress 2020 has caused you. The cherry on the cake definitely is the fact that 6 of the cabins are dog-friendly so you can bring along a furry friend.

The Coucoo Grands Chênes, Near Paris, France

True hidden gems are those that hide in plain sight. The Coucoo Grands Chênes is one of the most accessible getaways since it doesn’t require you to travel far from the city. Located less than 40 miles from the bustling city of Paris, this Treetop getaway features cabins, seated 20-40 feet off the ground, blended in with the 200-year-old oak trees around it.

The cabins have all the basic necessities with the added luxury of switching off from the city life and being one with nature. The added advantage of being so close to the city is that you’d be treated to gourmet French cuisine for every meal. You can also try your hand at other activities like golfing or maybe attend a wine tasting in the vineyards nearby.

WOODS, Pender Island, Near Vancouver, Canada

For those of us looking for a true camping vibe without all the discomfort of sleeping on the hard ground and lack of running water, this next place is the perfect solution. WOODS is located on Pender Island, near Vancouver, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The property features a cozy refurbished 1978 Airstream trailers located amidst the beautiful coastal forest.

Although Humble looking on the outside the trailers come kitted with modern-day comforts like air conditioning, a microwave and a French press coffee maker for your morning coffees. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can always dine at the CAMP food truck where you can enjoy wholesome meals prepared with a farm-to-table approach. You can always enjoy a scenic stroll around the island or indulge in other activities like fishing and kayaking.

Kachi Lodge, Bolivia

If you’re looking to the South American continent for an adventure holiday any time soon, consider visiting the Kachi Lodge in Bolivia. Located in the south-west corner, directly on the famous salt flats of Bolivia, this lodge ensures you’re sufficiently far from civilization but not compromising on creature comforts.

The property features luxury domes with immaculate interiors designed by renowned Swiss designers Marina Cardis and Marine Luginbühl and incorporate local craftsmanship and design. Being located at an elevation of about 12000 feet means that you can cozy up in your alpaca-wool blankets at night and enjoy the best view of the stars above.

La Pomme, Capsulo Micro Hotel in Normandy, France

This next destination is nothing short of the apple fallen from the Garden of Eden, literally! The people at La Pomme, Capsulo Micro Hotel in Normandy, do justice to that theme by designing their ‘space capsules’ as apples fallen from trees. The structures sit amidst fields embedded in the ground with intricate crop circles surrounding them. The theme continues on the interior with Light themed comfortable interiors with a transparent glass ceiling. The entire structure resembles a half-eaten apple.

The property supports local farmers by having most of their meals sourced from the products of their fields. What this translates to for you is that you will always enjoy the freshest ingredients with every gourmet meal. A wellness center is in the makes on a nearby field which means that soon you can enjoy a variety of activities during the day and curl up on a cushy bed under the stars at night.

In conclusion, I’ll say that these places just scratch the surface in giving you great alternatives for your next holiday. The pandemic has definitely affected almost all of our travel plans. Places like the ones mentioned above, ensure that you don’t have to restrict your holidaying, while still maintaining safe distances from crowded places.