The 2020 BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe is a more practical GT car

We’ve said it before. The BMW M850i is the quintessential Bavarian grand tourer. And if you want supercar levels of hyper-performance in your large GT coupe, it’s hard to argue with the BMW M8, what with a 617-horsepower version of the M5’s 4.4-liter V8.

But there’s a problem. Even though the 8-Series is a fairly massive car, there’s not enough room for taller adults in the cramped back seats. Granted the 8-Series is a proper coupe or convertible, so it’s foolish to expect the legroom of a 7-Series on the rear quarters.

And if you insist on bringing along more passengers in your grand touring journeys, BMW has come up with the perfect solution.

At first glance, it’s hard not to like the 2020 BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe. It has all the sensuous lines and curves of the coupe version but with it has more interior room, more cargo room, and four proper doors.

The new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe is bigger in all aspects      

If you want to add more doors and seating room in a two-door coupe, the only way to go is up. The new 8-Series Gran Coupe has an 8.9-inch longer wheelbase than the coupe. It is longer by 9.0-inches and is 2.2-inches taller as well. In order to balance the growth, the Gran Coupe is also 1.2-inches wider than the coupe.

The result of all this is a phenomenal increase in cabin space. Those in the back will be pleased to know the Gran Coupe offers 7.1-inches more rear legroom and 3.4-inches more headroom. And since the new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe is the most practical 8-Series ever, it also has a more commodious trunk with 20-liters of additional cargo space.

It comes with two engine choices

The new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe will be offered with two types of mills. For the first time ever in the 8-Series, the Gran Coupe can be ordered with a stonking 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six motor. It produces 335-horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque.

When paired with the standard 8-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive, the blown inline-six propels the Gran Coupe from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9-seconds. BMW says the optional AWD system will be a shave quicker off the line.

But if you like the turbocharged V8 motor in the coupe, I’m happy to announce the Gran Coupe is also available in M850i trim. This means a 4.4-liter turbo V8 with 523-horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. With the same 8-speed automatic and standard AWD, the V8 motor shoves the Gran Coupe from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7-seconds.

We have no idea how much the Gran Coupe weighs, but those are impressive numbers for what is conceived to be a full-size sports sedan.

The 8-Series Gran Coupe has a luxurious interior

It starts with the standard panoramic moonroof. It not only gives the cabin a more airy and open feel, but BMW is kind enough to incorporate the antenna in the glass roof. If you don’t like this feature, the V8-equipped M850i Gran Coupe will be offered with an optional carbon-fiber roof.

Of course, leather upholstery is standard across the range. The Gran Coupe 840i with the inline-six comes in ivory, cognac, or black leather. Two-tone leather is also available if you like that kind of thing. The dashboard and upper door panels are covered in Nappa leather while standard ambient lighting illuminates the entire cabin with a soothing glow.

It also has a bevy of driver assistance systems

The new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe includes a plethora of driver assistance systems including standard frontal collision warning with city collision mitigation. Choosing the optional Driving Assistance Professional package will include lane departure warning, active blind spot detection, a surround view camera with parking assistance, rear cross traffic alert, and active cruise control with stop-and-go capabilities.

The Gran Coupe version has a lower base price

While the BMW 8-Series M850i classic coupe with xDrive starts at around $112,000, the Gran Coupe model offers a lower base price. The 2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupe starts at $85,895 with the turbocharged inline-six. The all-wheel-drive version starts at $88,795.

However, the bonkers Gran Coupe M850i with the V8 motor starts at under $110,000. That’s $2,000 less than the classic 8-Series with two fewer doors. Deliveries begin in September 2019.