Things to Remember as You Plan Your Euro Trip

Traveling to Europe has always been The Dream of those who don’t live there. What you see in the movies and photos and what you learn in school appear to be all luxurious and glamorous but it’s not always the case. There is more to Europe than France or Italy.

If you’ve started planning your EURO Trip, you may probably be getting dizzy now with all the information available. There are several sites that claim to be the experts in planning for your first European trip. There are those that will tell you the must-see tourist spots or must-do attractions. For us, your destination and itinerary will really depend on your travel philosophy and goals.

We won’t push you where to go but we’ll just share with you some important tips to consider as you plan for your first trip to Europe. There is plenty of information to know like the first city to enter, use of the train, the joy of walking, booking tickets in advance, claiming of VAT refund, not eating bread, and the reality that you cannot do and visit everything. Read on and try to remember these tips:

Know Which Country You Want to Enter First

Determining this one first will be helpful because if you live in a country where Schengen Visa is still required of you, you will have to apply for one at the particular country’s embassy. You’re lucky if you don’t need a visa to enter Europe but it’s important to decide on your first point.

We suggest you choose a region and then the city. From there, try checking out the latest airfare. Some destinations are cheapest to go to so just check the available flights and prices.

There is Joy in Walking

Walking in any city if Europe can be fun and exciting, what with all the beautiful sights and beautiful people you can see everywhere. It can’t be tiring. It can’t be that bad.

Well, you just need to learn how to pace. Don’t walk for hours. Rest a bit. Sit down and take it all in. Those sights and sounds you just witnessed must stay in your memory.

Ride the Train

You sure can ride the plane to transfer to another country or city but a train-ride can also be fun. You can get to experience how people spend hours or days on the road just to get to another place.

It may not be practical if you’re wary about time but you can sure have a different kind of journey via the train. We suggest you avail of the Eurail Pass so you will have quick access to dozens of other countries.

Don’t Eat That Bread!

No one is stopping you, really, but you have to know not everything served in the table is free. Restaurants usually serve breadbasket for free but it’s not always the case in Europe.

You need carbs, we get it. But we suggest you try pasta or pizza as they are more filling.

Book Tickets in Advance

There are plenty of things to do in Europe. There are lots of museums and tourist spots to visit but they’re not all free.

Depending on the season, you may need to fall in line just to get inside some places. We recommend you get tickets in advance. Who knows, you may even get great deals and promos as well.

Claim Your VAT Refund

This is something many tourists forget. When you are in a different country, you can get a refund for some of your purchases. In Europe, the fashionista in you will definitely enjoy shopping.

Go on. Buy that designer bag, coat, or shoes. Those are large purchases already. When you’re at the airport, look for the signs and counters and available of your VAT refund. Those extra dollars or euros you get can still be used for further shopping.

Remember, You Can’t Do It All

You cannot do and visit everything in Europe. That is a fact unless you have all the time and money in the world. Reality is, your resources are limited.

You need to plan carefully. You just have to identify what you love, how much time and money you have, and even how physically fit you are. You see, going on a Euro Trip can be physically draining but it’s something that will last in your memory bank forever.