Airbnb ‘The Bahamas Sabbatical’ announced, a new travel experience for a cause

The Holiday season has already passed and you still haven’t gone on a vacation? You’ve been too busy with work or business that you’ve actually forgotten how to relax. We’re not blaming you because we know hard-working men like you will have their reward someday.

Or maybe you already have your reward but you want to work some more and even harder than before. That’s fine but man, you need a break. Perhaps it’s really time. After skipping and working straight through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year (and even Chinese New Year), it’s about time you rest and relax. We want to say we don’t want you skipping Valentine’s but we know there are some who don’t even want to think about it for whatever reason.

Decide to go on a trip. Do we want to push it further so maybe for two whole months? That may be too much for some but if you can afford it, just go on this Bahamas Sabbatical being offered by Airbnb.

The Bahamas Sabbatical May Be Good For You

Airbnb wants you to “chase away the new year blues”. That’s what we’ve been telling you. Even Airbnb knows you need a break. So maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to make a decision and book after this feature.

Going to the Bahamas can be a fun and enriching experience. We can’t say it’s just another tropical destination. The place offers more than just the sea and sand. With Airbnb, you can live like a real islander. The Bahamas is a famous tourist spot but we wonder if it will be more fun if you’re actually a local.

There are several islands in a small country that makes it more interesting. From natural areas to large reef systems and pink sand beaches, you won’t run out of things to do or explore in The Bahamas. You’re even doing the environment a favor by helping preserve the natural resources and authentic culture.

Travel and Explore to Save The Bahamas

The ‘Bahamas Sabbatical’ as it is officially called, is patterned after the previous Italian and Antarctic Sabbaticals. This is a first for the year and so don’t worry if you miss it, you can try the next one. The Bahamas National Trust and Airbnb have teamed up to launch this trip. Five lucky participants can enjoy this sabbatical. They can explore the three island destinations—Andros, Exumas, and Eleuthera—sometime in April and May.

The travelers can visit these three islands. They are those not impacted by the Hurricane Dorian. Andros boasts the biggest reef system in the world today. You can get a chance to work underwater with travel photographer Katie

The goal is to come up with a coral reef restoration program in North Marine Park. A new nursery is expected to be constructed and installed so coral reef fragments can grow and eventually transplanted.

Exuma is popular for the crystal clear waters and marine life. One mission is to replicate The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park ecosystem as led by freediver Andre Musgrove. Other things that can be done include sailing, traditional boatbuilding, and conch conservation. Meanwhile, the Eleuthera has plenty of tourist spots to visit including the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve and the famous pink sand beaches.

The Bahamas Sabbatical appears to be more educational. It’s for a good cause that we’re sure many lovers of nature will appreciate it. One of the main objectives is for every participant to work with community leaders to come up with projects that will have a great impact not only on society but also on nature.