Viking Cruises coming to Great Lakes soon via Viking Expeditions

Not many people will recommend you to travel these days. No thanks to the threat of the novel coronavirus. Perhaps it’s not something that worries you but there is an ongoing health scare. We know it will be over soon so while we’re being restricted, maybe it’s just okay to plan ahead.

By planning ahead we mean something like a couple of years before like the Viking Expeditions by Viking Cruises. It will start cruising into Great Lakes beginning 2022. That is two whole years of waiting and anticipating probably one of the best adventures of your life.

Viking Cruises Set to Sail in 2022

The Viking Expeditions are set to sail sometime from April to September. No exact cruise dates have been announced yet but the itineraries are being prepared at the moment. So far, we know there will be 20 voyages planned that will begin at Port Milwaukee. Each voyage may also end there.

Viking Cruises can accommodate over 8,000 passengers on Viking Expeditions cruises each year. It will be the largest cruise ship by the company for the Expeditions itineraries.

Viking Expeditions Coming to Polar Destinations

Viking Expeditions has set the cruise ship to be 670 feet in length. It can accommodate 250 crew members and 378 passengers. The first sail will be on January 2022 via the Viking Octantis that will pass through the Great Lakes of North Antarctica and North America. Two ships are being constructed that, hopefully, will be ready and delivered in Norway by 2022 or even before.

Port Milwaukee has since been seeing growth in the volume of passengers coming in and going out of the Great Lakes. The port has become a regular stop the past few years and Viking Cruises has also seen the port’s importance. The port received over 3,000 passengers visiting last year alone. For this cruise season, some 4,000 passengers aboard 14 vessels are expected.

The Polar destinations can be reached via the Polar Class 6 Viking Polaris and Viking Octantis. The trip packages start at $6,600 for each person for the eight to 13 days of the expedition.