Audi unveils A6 Avant e-tron concept powered by PPE technology platform  

Audi revealed the next generation of the electric-powered A6 Avant e-tron concept at the 2022 Annual Media Conference. It comes on the back of the A6 e-tron concept unveiled in 2021 – adapting its dimensions – stacking the EV in the luxury class.

The flowing lines and the elegant proportions showcase all the future Audi production models from the brand. The term “Avant” in the namesake is derived from the word avant-garde and the Audi ad slogan which defines their reinterpretation of the station wagons.

PPE technology platform – the future

The German automotive giant’s motive with the A6 Avant e-tron concept is to bring to life the cars based on the PPE technology platform, which is the definitive future for Audi. Here we are talking about the power-packed 800-volt technology, 270 kW charging capacity with a recharge in just 25 minutes courtesy of fast-charging stations, and a claimed range of 700 km.

The platform brings dynamic driving performance, especially on long drives, while promising a sprint from 0-100 km/h in flat four seconds. The PPE platform brings to the equation flexibility in the ground clearance – high for SUVs and low for flat architecture vehicles in the line-up like the A6 Avant.    

The overall design assures wind tunnel testing to the maximum for aerodynamic efficiency. The roofline of the Avant has cW value of 0.22, meaning it has minimal aerodynamic drag, which helps in extending the range. As for killer looks, it mirrors a sports car in every respect with the flat cabin layout, dynamic roof arch, slanted D pillar, short overhangs, and beefy 22-inch wheels. The typical Audi influence comes in the form of wheel arches connected via the battery section above the rocker panel.    

Maximum style and storage

The car’s front section has a large enclosed Singleframe grille bordered at the bottom with deep air intakes. Those headlight bezels extend to the sides – highlighting the horizontally aligned architecture of the EV. On the rear, the ride gets an aerodynamically functional breakaway edge and rear spoiler to emphasize the elongated silhouette, which improves the airflow for better drag reduction.

The headlights with the digital matrix LED and digital OLED tech are flat, while the taillights are slim, going well with the composition of the lines. The rear OLED lights function as a display to create digital light signatures or dynamic light displays totally customizable by the owners. When parked, the Avant can beam lights onto an empty wall in front where the driver and passenger can play a projected video game.

The spacious back end makes the A6 Avant e-tron a storage champ for long trips where you’ll carry more luggage than usual. Longer wheelbase courtesy of the PPE platform gives way to more legroom for the driver and the passengers on both rows. All this makes the EV a practical and sporty option for everyman.