Lotus Elise and Exige Final Edition cars celebrate the end of an era

Lotus has unveiled the Elise and Exige Final Edition cars to celebrate the end of production for the iconic models later this year. Final Edition cars bring increases in power and performance along with design updates and new colors. Both of the iconic Lotus models have been in production for decades.

The Elise has been in production for 25 years, and the Exige in production for 21 years. Lotus has a range of five new Final Edition cars that remain true to the formula that made the vehicles icons. They are considered to be the ultimate versions of both models and marked the pinnacle for technical development, showcasing more than two decades of production.

Each vehicle will be built in limited numbers as a tribute to the performance cars that have become legends. The five new variants include two Elise models and three Exige models, with Lotus expecting high demand. Each version is available in unique paint colors with new exterior decals and new wheel finishes along with new trim and Final Edition badging.

The limited-edition models are named with designations corresponding to their higher power outputs on three of the five models. The models include Elise Sport 240, Elise Cup 250, Exige Sport 390, Exige Sport 420, and Exige Cup 430. The vehicles are on sale now in Europe, and sadly they won’t come to the US.

Pricing in the UK starts at £45,500 for the Elise Sport 240, £50,900 for the Elise Cup 250, £64,000 for the Exige Sport 390, £79,900 for the Exige Sport 420, and £100,600 for the Exige Cup 430. Lotus is also reminding that the Evora is entering its final year of production and models to celebrate its and will be announced soon.