Best restaurants in Dubai for refined dining

You can tell a lot about a place by the kind of food it offers. Unsurprisingly, Dubai has a reputation of being one of the most diverse, vibrant, and delicious destinations on the planet. There are so many exotic restaurants in the city that offer a wide variety of cuisines, from organic labneh Panini seasoned with min and a flurry of crunchy walnuts to thyme-packed manousheh.

If done right, dining in Dubai means enjoying stunning décor, amazing views, and unparalleled culinary experiences. Whether you like Italian or Thai, steak or seafood, these five restaurants in Dubai will serve you the best.

La Petite Maison

A lovely setting serving the best air and best food, Dubai’s La Petite Maison offers a blend of southern French and Italian cuisine. The restaurant is located in Dubai International Financial Center. Its cooking style belongs to ‘old Genoese,’ serving Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant mostly uses local produce, especially artichokes courgettes, lemons, olives, tomatoes, peppers, and girolles, along with seafood, meat, and fresh pasta.


Part of Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel, Nobu is a globally recognized high-end sushi restaurant that combines cutting-edge Japanese style with Arabian influences, all the while retaining Nobu classics. Named after legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the place has a sushi bar and decorative setup that includes private areas for intimate gatherings. This is one of the best Japanese food joints in the city and you can enjoy its famous seared black cod with sweet miso sauce, and yellowtail topped with thin slices of jalapeño.


If you love seafood, make sure to check out Pierchic restaurant the next time you are in Dubai. Located on a bedecked pier jutting out into the Arabian Gulf, Pierchic serves some of the city’s finest seafood. Away from the hubbub of the city, the pier is a romantic spot and proffers brilliant views of the blue Gulf. You can enjoy a lovely dinner of modern European seafood dishes alfresco at the above-water restaurant. The menu comprises high-end seafood dishes, beef, lamb, and exquisite drinks.


Zuma is Dubai’s best Japanese restaurant that boasts luxurious steel and granite décor, serves sushi, grill dishes and Izakaya style of dining in which food is served to share. The menu combines classic dishes with bold, intense flavors and high-quality ingredients. It is located in the financial hub of the city and has over 15 international franchises. The truffle hotpot and the signature chocolate fondant are the most recommended items on Zuma’s menu. 


Located at the Address Sky View hotel in Downtown Dubai, CÉ LA VI sits about 200 meters above sea level, on the bridge that joins the hotel’s two giant towers. There is also a huge infinity pool outside the restaurant which offers brilliant views of Burj Khalifa. It is known as one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city. The restaurant serves mouthwatering Asian cuisine paired with an excellent drinks menu.