Five Best Chairs For Your Work Desk

Enough ink has been spent on outlining the deathly hazards of sitting on a chair for more than eight hours a day. While some reports indicate increasing the risk of heart ailments, diabetes and back problems, others go on to give statistics on how many years you shave off your life by simply sitting in an office chair the whole day. The truth of the matter is that Murphy’s Law comes into place, and it states that everything in moderation is okay.

However, what can you do if you are stuck in a job that requires you to sit in one place for many, many hours and yet put on a smile at the end of the day; back aches be damned. If you can’t beat them join them – simply invest in yourself. Don’t cut corners or penny pinch on ergonomics, because remember, at the end of the day, this is your health, your life, your back, your buttocks and your chair.

Interestingly, for the past couple of years, the office chair market has seen some amazing innovations. Steelcase, Knoll and Herman Miller are the core innovators in this arena and as we all know it, their most advanced chairs can cost an arm and a leg. Breaking it down for you, these movers and shakers have collaborated with some noteworthy names from the field design – Yves Béhar, Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf and more – and brought us chairs that are not only ergonomic but also aesthetic in appeal.

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

Here’s a list of five compelling chairs worth investing in. Think of them as your health insurance; if you sit better then you live better. First up is the trusty Embody Chair by Herman Miller. Designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf had this radical new idea of designing a chair that was good for the body. Surprise, surprise!

Through extensive research and taking the help of science, finally a chair was designed that could lower your heart rate and reduce stress.

The dynamic matrix of pixels found on the back of the Embody seat and back, stimulate blood and oxygen flow. One of the most important features is the way the back adjusts to your posture. It focuses on helping you maintain a neutral and balanced stance while you relax and work.

The Embody Chair starts at $1395 and can be bought here.

SAYL chair by Yves Béhar

Designed by Yves Béhar, the SAYL chair is inspired by sailing ships that pass under the bridge. It is reflected in the innovative Y-Tower structure found in the chair’s back.  Priced at a modest $469, there is a lot of scope with this chair. For those moments when you feel like curling into a ball, the seat is wide enough for you to pull up your legs and tuck them into the lotus position.

We have seen many rip-offs and even the alleged “China Made –original” but none of them compare to the original, where the main highlight is the back. The 3D Intelligent suspension back molds is what this chair is all about. It is essentially crafted as a flexible elastomer that adapts to the individual’s physique and back.

The other noteworthy point about the chair is that it is 93% recyclable. It is ideal for both the boss and the employee. The Sayl Chair starts at $510 and can be bought here.

ReGeneration by Knoll

Formway Design takes credit for designing the ReGeneration by Knoll. Taking it a step ahead from the previous Generation chair, this newer one is more affordable and portable. The elastomer net used on the back of the chair are made from corn by-products while the seat cushion is partially sourced from soy-based materials.

Keeping these eco-factors aside, the real deal about this chair is the ‘Flex Seat with three sides of seat edge flex and seat depth adjustment.’ What this means is that it is designed for 270 degrees of sitting posture extensions. The continuous lumbar support offered by this chair is phenomenal.

Although it adds to the overall cost of the chair, the optional adjustable lumbar support is a wise investment to make, since it gives you that additional support where required.    

The ReGeneration Chair starts at $610 and can be bought here.

The Gesture Chair

The Draw, The Multi-device, The Text, The Cocoon, The Swipe, The Smart Lean, The Trance, The Take it in, and The Strunch are all gestures and postures that our bodies have developed thanks to the advent of technology. According to a study done by Steelcase, our body language and behavior is often dictated by the kind of technology we are using: tablet, smartphone and computers.

Inspired by the body movements, they designed the Gesture Chair. In many ways it’s the first chair that is specifically designed to ‘support our interactions with present-day technologies’ on a daily basis. The synchronized movement of the back and seat provide continuous support to the back and body.

The arms of the chair mimic human behavior and are thus more ergonomically aligned and supportive even while texting, typing or swiping on your devices. In short, no matter what your posture or sitting position, The Gesture supports you persistently.

The Gesture Chair starts at $994 and can be bought here.

Mimeo Chair

The last in our list is a new entrant called the Mimeo Chair and it comes from the house of Allsteel, designed by Studio Fifield. Offering un-compromised support, the all- enveloping form of the chair maintains a constant contact with the user’s back, offering it unconditional care.

There are basically two very important things to a good chair – the back support and the seating comfort – by integrating the ‘intelliform’ back structure, the Mimeo Chair delivers a very comfortable back support and the ample seat lends great sustenance to the hips and legs.

Crafted from 3D knit, the intelliform skin is warm, breathable and responsive to the user. It distributes the pressure and support to the areas that require it. The back carrier is flexible and adapts to the different body shapes. A weight-activated mechanism hidden below the seat responds to the way we transfer our weight or move whilst sitting on the chair.

This is important because it helps to keep the balance and maintain the correct posture of the back. Place your order for the chair here.