Chef Caddy is a modular spice rack with handy recipes

While everyone at home loves the way I cook Chinese food, truth be told, I never follow a standard recipe. It’s always a mix of the handy spices and sauces, complimented with my gut instincts, that guides me to create my dishes. Needless to say, I can never replicate the same dish twice, but no one is complaining.

As we grow more comfortable in the kitchen, what I know is that most home cooks, don’t follow a set recipe for most of their signature dishes. An easily accessible spice rack, usually is the source of inspiration. One that guides you to whip up a unique meal each time. The Chef Caddy is a modular spice rack system, that fits this space and style of cooking.

Spice Rack Reinvented

Imagine this, each time you need to cook Indian food, the range of Indian seasonings can be at your fingertips, with handy recipes noted onto the side of the spice bottle, and all arranged in the Chef Caddy. Casey Moulton – the LA based chef, has been practicing and teaching ‘Kitchen Karate’ to people in his community. His style of working the kitchen and the ingredients, are embodied in this caddie.

The goal of the Chef Caddy is to help you stack together the flavors of a particular genre of cuisine, together. Deconstructing the spice spectrum with regards to world cuisines like Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Middle Eastern, German, Indian etc, you can cluster the ingredients together and use it as an inspiration for cooking fusion meals as well.

Spicy Modular Design

The essence of the Chef Caddy is to cluster relevant spices that go into a particular style of cooking, and stowing them in a practical fashion, in your kitchen. For example, if you intend to cook Italian, all you need to do is, work with the spices and condiments that are stacked in the ‘Italian’ recipe cluster.

The spice containers include a larger slot for bottles of oils, vinegars and sauces.  Thanks to the magnets in the bottles, you can either stack them under the cabinets or group them on the table. The idea is to inspire, and when you have the bottles all organized in a cluster that is easily readable, you can mix up the flavors and use your instincts to create a new dish. Pick the Chef Caddy for $99 here.

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