Aimed at elderly, Sony SRS-LSR200 speaker doubles as TV remote

Sony is one name that rings a bell when we talk of portable speakers, thanks to their audio technology that delivers clear voice and deep bass levels. Primarily targeted at the young generation, Sony has something in offering that’s considerate to the elderly.

Meet the SRS-LSR200 remote control for your TV that doubles as a portable speaker. You can also call it the other way around – a portable speaker that lets you control TV functions. Either way, it’s a niche device which makes sure you don’t miss any dialogue from your binge watching at home.

Sony SRS-LSR200 focuses on clear voice

As opposed to some earlier portable speakers by Sony, this one is focused on delivering crystal clear vocals using the Clear Voice Technology. The 2W stereo speaker is tuned for human voice frequencies which brings out clear voice in any corner of the room. Interestingly the speaker can play simultaneously with the TV’s speakers, so some surround sound audio can be expected.

Keeping the audience in mind, on top there’s a large volume button along with all the buttons you would find in a TV remote. There’s a charging base that’s connected to the TV (via audio out jack), and the speaker charges in about three hours to produce 13 hours of playback. The 1.4lb speaker-remote is splash-proof, so it should be able to handle the accidental water spills.

Remote connectivity

Once the speaker base is connected to the TV audio-out,it communicates via the 2.4GHz wireless connection to the speaker. Voila, thereafter it’s just you and the speaker for some binge watching sessions.

Keeping in mind that you might want to hear some stuff in the earphones only, the Sony SRS-LSR200 speaker remote also has a 3.5 mm jack. The speaker is priced at $180 and currently only available in Japan.