Five finest kayaking destinations in North America

Kayaking has become a popular adventure sport over the past few years. One can take it up for leisure, exercise or passion; regardless, it is a great way to revel in the beauty of nature. Whether you love to kayak in the still water or like to go for adventure kayaking in raging rivers, you can find some of the finest kayaking destinations in North America.

With a diverse landscape, the continent offers a lot of places for kayaking ranging from wild rivers, quiet lakes and glacier-fed bays. If you are looking to push the limits and explore the realm of possibilities, here are some of the best kayaking destinations in North America.

Salmon River, Idaho

Salmon River is famous as the river of no return as its speed and currents make it incredibly difficult to navigate through. However, owing to its intense flow and deep canyons, it is one of the best kayaking spots in the US. One of America’s finest multi-day kayaking rivers, Salmon River offers an adventurous opportunity for skilled kayakers. The Middle Fork of the river is the most popular for this water sport, for which you require a permit.

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Sea kayaking is a brilliant way to explore the vast Alaskan wilderness and solitude of Glacier Bay. The activity in Glacier Bay National Park provides diverse natural beauty and scenic mountain views. Kayakers can have close encounters with many seabirds and marine animals as well. You can opt for day tours and multi-day immersions, all under the expert guidance of naturalists to help you understand the depth of this unique ecosystem.

Ottawa River, Canada

The Ottawa River is a wonderful place to enjoy thrilling kayaking. It provides two different avenues for this adventurous sport – the Main Channel and Middle Channel. The Main Channel is the larger of the two, with extreme waves and an exciting journey; while the Middle Channel is perfect for people who are looking to zigzag along the water. However, you can enjoy 175 islands, countless waterfalls and sandy beaches on both channels.

Arkansas River

With the 14,000-foot Rockies on both sides, the Arkansas River is a wonderful spot for kayaking as it offers brilliant views of the wilderness. It is the 6th longest river in the United States that starts from Colorado and ends in Arkansas. The winding river has many tricky spots where you get to test your angling skills while having fun. The Royal Gorge is a recommended spot for a thrilling time. Many portions of the river have been labeled class II to IV, which are recommended for skilled kayakers.

Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona

Kayaking in the Colorado River is a dream for kayakers of all ability levels. The sport gives an amazing experience during a ride through the river that carved out the Grand Canyon. The river has gentle stretches for people wanting to kayak through calm waters and rougher waters for thrill-seekers. If you want you can take on the whole 280-mile journey while enjoying the beauty of the natural phenomenon surrounding the river.