Folding tables for camping and picnic needs

Summer is almost here and it’s time to begin planning camping and picnics with family or tailgates with bunch of friends. Whatever may be the plan, a sizable, folding table should be part of your travel kit. It is important for the multiple use cases it offers – from presenting a place to cook, dine or play a game of cards after a decent meal.

Folding tables are not a very inexpensive investment – especially when you consider they will be used only a couple of times a year – and the range of interesting models on the market make selecting one for your needs really difficult. To give you a breather, and quick view of good choices, we have rounded up five best camping tables you can get on Amazon right now. Take a pick depending on your requirement.  

Setting up a quick kitchen

Cooking in the outdoors is a headache if you do not have a well-planned layout. To make laying out a kitchen in the outdoors effortless, this portable folding cooking station can be part of your camping kit. It provides ample counter and storage space, and feature four pull-out plastic tables that can be used for serving a meal. The table weighs approximately 19 pounds and features powder-coated steel frame that unfold to reveal a robust aluminum counter top.

Little more home kitchen comfort

If the foldable cooking station above is slightly heavy for your needs, take a look at this 11 pound table that includes a pair of aluminum roll top tables and also packs in a third fold out side table. The third, extension table comes with its own adjustable legs. This kitchen table packs flat into a canvas carry case, and when you need it, can fold out for setup in minutes. While one of the tables can be used for food preparation, the second can be used for keeping the stove, and the third one can be used for serving or storage, as you may.

Perfect one for small packs

If you prefer venturing into the wild by yourself or with your partner, the Talu folding table should suffice your need. Made using aluminum, which is more durable and weather resistant to canvas and wooden options, this table is delivered in metallic color and comes in three size options. Weighing as little as 2 pound, the table can be packed and unfolded effortlessly and according to reviewers, is pretty stable for its weight. You can use it to cook, serve or enjoy a chat over a cup of Joe.

For the friends on a roll

A party in the outdoors or a barbeque session in the backyard requires a quick, sturdy setup. If you want a tough table to meet the needs of all the gathered, ABH’s camp table with storage is a fitting option. The table can fold down to the size of a suitcase to be easily transported in the boot of the car. The folding table is made from aluminum and has the load bearing ability of up to 45 pounds, and more interestingly it comes with storage compartments that make use of zippers and Velcro to secure the food, cutlery et al inside.  

Height adjustable table for changing needs

A versatile little table from Protal store, this comes with telescoping aluminum legs that adjust to a range of heights. Whether you prefer to use the camping chairs or sit on the ground over a blanket, this table will cover you in every case. Made from aluminum, the easy to fold table weighs only 10 pound and can be packed into a carry bag. Its non-skid feet ensure stability in all kinds surfaces, moreover it feature a mesh layer for storage, which can be removed if you don’t want it on a particular outing.

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