Four CBD-based Face Serums that cut your skincare routine by half

Like most millennials people, you may agree that age is only a number. However, given the modern-day challenges, you have to look your ‘mental age’ at the very least. And like most folks that belong to my generation, I invest in a skincare routine with products that cost an arm and leg. I bet your routine too, includes a face-wash, toner, soothing serum, moisturizer and an eye cream.

Lifestyle, travel demands and aging factors forced me to re-look my skincare regime, and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to discover a not-so-secret-ingredient – Cannabidiol or CBD, as a source in skincare products that helped in arresting aging.

Benefits of Cannabidiol, without the worry

CBD or Cannabidiol is a derivative of Hemp, which is a plant with many uses. In this case, CBD has powerful antioxidant properties and the beauty of this ingredient is that it has the ability to slow-down the aging process.  In some cases it even prevents and treats wrinkles like crow’s feet.

Another significant property of CBD is its strong soothing abilities (or anti-inflammatory) . Which means that it helps keep the face free from acne and break-outs, while promoting a smooth skin. When combined with Squalane oil, the resulting serum adds hydration to the mix. Essentially, the combination plumps up your skin, making it feel soft, full and luxurious.

This potent combination ensures you have a serum that won’t clog your pores and instead, moisturize the skin around the lips and eyes. By including a CBD serum in your skincare regime, you are cutting the need to use a toner, moisturizer and eye cream. All you need now is a good facewash and the CBD serum.

DL Mag picks out the four best CBD-based Face Serums that you can include into your regime.


The brainchild of independent, serial-entrepreneur Andy Nurman, LOVEALL was born out of Andy’s passion to identify opportunities and make them into something tangible. When he observed his wife indulge in an elaborate skincare regime, that costed her time and money, Andy developed the LOVEALL CBD-based Face Serum as a solution.

The three key benefits of using the LOVEALL serum is that it facilitates hydration, is rich in antioxidants and smoothens the skin. Andy has stayed away from essential oils as many people are allergic to it. This is the reason why, he has removed terpenes (essential oil) from the hemp oil.

A strong validation to the serum is the 3rd-party Lab tests that validate LOVEALL serum’s effectiveness. Apart from the obvious benefits of a plump, hydrated and younger looking skin, LOVEALL offers free shipping and free returns. Buy your serum here: $149.

Formulated with plant based Squalane, 1000mg of CBD with over 1400mg of total cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN) and zero THC.

Lord Jones Royal Oil

Lord Jones boasts of High CBD Formula skincare products that have a team of veterans spearheading this space. According to makers, their hemp-derived CBD oil retains “the plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids for broad and full spectrum formulations.”

The Royal Oil is considered to be a multi-purpose CBD oil and can be used orally and topically. This serum too is based only two ingredients: broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil and pure grape seed oil. Lab-tested to ensure its purity and potency, the formulation is free from flavorings, colorings and additives.

If you are new to CBD, then this formulation can be overwhelming, as it is highly potent. If we had to pick a flipside, then it’s the addition of grapeseed oil, that can be sensitive to some skin-types and lead to a break-out.

Encapsulating 1000mg of hemp-derived CBD per bottle, the Royal Oil boasts of the original fragrance of the cannabis plant. Pick it up for $100.

Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

When you have the likes of Casey Georgeson being the backbone of a project, then it’s bound to be a winner. Using her experience at Marc Jacobs beauty, Kat Von D Beauty, and Cupcake Vineyards, Casey recognized the power and benefits of CBD, and went on to develop her own line.

Inspired by Jane De Chantal, a widow and single mother in the 1500s, Casey mission has been to create a line-up dedicated to cannabis-infused products that promise to transform your skin.

The Luxury Beauty Serum is a powerful CBD face serum that aims at giving your flawless perfection by using multi-correctional blends. This serum uses 20 potent botanicals that hydrate and make your skin radiant. Infused with full-spectrum CBD, the serum also includes Sea Buckthorn, Calendula and Rose. Retailing for $125, this formulation differs greatly from the C Drops ($90), whose focus is bright and glowing skin.

Prima Night Magic

The Night Magic Intensive Facial Oil for Hydration & Radiance has worked well with many people who have tried it. While some reviewers say that they don’t feel any different, they also don’t mind using it for a longer period, as they find their skin soft and luxurious.

The focus of the Prima Night Magic is to wake you up with an ‘intensely hydrated skin’, that uses Broad Spectrum Hemp – CBD, potent botanical oils (Prickly Pear and Moringa) with Vitamins E & K, phytosterols, natural fatty acids and polysterols.

One of the biggest advantages of using Night Magic is that you don’t wake up to dry patches or flaked skin. It remains well hydrated, even in winters, thus giving you a smooth feel. It definitely alters your night skincare regime, and encourages using minimal products on your face.

As wellness advocates, Prima focuses on being ‘science enthusiasts and changemakers’, and believers in the gifts from nature. This $88 magic portion hoes to give you a ‘facial’ experience as soon as you wake up.

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