Living Vehicle Creative Studio trailer is Apple Fan’s off-grid workstation

Next time you hear your pal saying, Airstream is the father of all travel trailers, tell them to zip their lips or gift them a $324,000 trailer by Living Vehicle to permanently shut them up. The six-figure trailers may seem fancy or flamboyant and somewhat fluke too; but trust me, this Living Vehicle Creative Studio trailer is a literal luxury on wheels.

Living Vehicle was not as renowned as other travel trailer manufacturers like Airstream or Winnebago. In 2017, it rose to glory with its travel trailer with an aluminum-shelled mobile home, built for off-grid living. Now, the company has launched a Creative Studio trailer which is a portable office and a home unit in one.

Apple products onboard

Now, what makes the mobile office/home unit so special? Getting straight to the point, the Living Vehicle trailer incorporates a creative digital studio and a mobile office. The studio is designed specifically for technophiles and professional creatives who love traveling. With this creative studio, incorporated into a mobile unit, no matter where you are wandering, you’d always remain plugged with the configurable hardware.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Apple, the studio features high-end Apple products with dual Apple Pro XDR displays. It features a 32-inch Retina 6K screen or a 27-inch 5K Retina display. In addition, there is a choice between a 16-inch MacBook Pro and the new Mac Studio, powered with M1 Max or the new M1 Ultra chip. Not to forget, the unrivaled performance and enduring battery life it brings to play.

Other facilities and pricing

Other facilities include a 1080p camera and a high-fidelity, a six-speaker sound system that will always be at your service. The digital studio is a treat for animators, producers, developers, editors, and professionals who are heavily reliant on hardware. It provides them with an option to work from anywhere in the world. In addition, the studio also contains other features such as an entertainment system, air conditioning, and a washing machine.

What’s mindboggling is the fact that the monitors are mounted to a walnut desk and disappear as the two-person desk is lowered down to reveal a foam bed, helping users to leave the office and shift to a home or vacation regime. When it comes to pricing, the Creative Studio package starts at $23,995 while the base prices for the 2022 Living Vehicle begin at $299,995. Together, it would cost you around $324,000.