Best Damascus folding pocket knives

Being used since the early Iron Age, pocket knives have advanced a lot and have established themselves as versatile tools. Although there are tons of options out there, Damascus folding pocket knives stand out more than others. Damascus knives are made with special techniques, resulting in wavy, rippling patterns running across the blade.

There is no harm in carrying a foldable knife that easily fits into our pocket, and has an aesthetic and practical appeal. Lost in jungle or slicing open an envelope, a good pocket knife can be quite useful in a wide variety of scenarios. These Damascus folding knives will serve you brilliantly no matter the intended use.

DKC-726 CLINT Knife

Known for its resistance to damage, the DKC-726 CLINT is made of stunning Damascus steel. Featuring a gut hook blade shape, the foldable pocket knife is small and can be tucked away in the pocket neatly without any discomfort. The blade measures 3 inches while the total length of the knife is 7.5 inches. Coming with a sheath, the blade hardness is 58 to 60 on a Rockwell scale.

Perkin Steel Knife

With a blade length of 3 inches and accessible in the size of a nail-cutter, the Perkin knife is made using Damascus stainless steel that will not rust like normal pattern-weld. The turquoise handle and beautiful filing work really make the knife an attractive accessory. The blade material consists of carbon steel and alloy steel. In addition, the knife comes with a handmade leather pouch to be stored safely.

Spirit Deed Knife

The Spirit Deed Damascus steel knife has great corrosion resistance and high durability. Finished with 67 layers of Japanese VG10 core Damascus steel, the knife is polished to achieve a balance of hardness and chemical resistance. Featuring a rosewood handle with a delicately carved gasket, the knife has a blade length of 2.9 inches. It has a slim sleek style for liner lock and the smooth opening allows you to operate it with minimal effort. A leather sheath made of cowhide and wax rope houses the knife.

NEWOOTZ VG-10 Core Blade Knife

Ideal for camping, the pocket knife is equipped with a 3.5-inch blade. Ergonomically designed, the knife has an ambidextrous pivot lock mechanism which makes it super easy to operate. Its Japanese-style forefinger unlocking lever and ball bearing make it easy to open with one hand. Available with a black handle, NEWOOTZ VG-10 Core Blade can be placed in a classic leather sheath.

ALVELY Pocket Knife

ALVELY pocket knife is a durable and stylish accessory to own. The sharp blade of 4.1 inches alongside ergonomic handle design allows users to take it on outdoor activities. The handle becomes more refined and smooth after long-term use. With a beautiful Damascus pattern on the polished surface, the carbon steel on either side protects the blade. Thanks to its ball bearing pivot, the blade comes out smoothly.

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