Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX is the new benchmark for energy-efficient EVs

Mercedes-Benz is ready to shake up the electric vehicle marketplace which is dominated by the likes of Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2, and BMW i4 with the brand-new VISION EQXX EV. The Stuttgart-based luxury automotive marque has its eyes set on the lucrative pitch for an EV – range and efficiency – all set to redefine the electric vehicle era.

The engineers at the company have broken the technological barriers and remapped the basic fundamentals of an electric vehicle to elevate energy efficiency to new levels. This is possible with the cutting-edge electric drivetrain, lightweight engineering, use of sustainable materials and inclusion of advanced software.  

Most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX caters to the demands of Generation-Z with innovation at the core. In the end, the EV has a mind-boggling range of 1,000 km (over 620 miles) on a single charge thanks to the excellent energy consumption of less than 10kWh per 100 kilometers. This equates to roughly 6 miles per kWh in real-life situations as Mercedes-Benz has run digital simulations for all situations. So, you could go from Berlin to Paris or from New York to Cincinnati on just a single charge!   

The VISION EQXX is a work of engineering art with 95 percent energy translated to the wheels as compared to the 30 percent from the currently energy efficient EVs. All this while having a 50 percent less volume and 30 percent lighter pack perfect for a compact car chassis. This pursuit for the highest energy efficiency rating in a car is complemented by the sublime exterior design and aerodynamic shape.

The compact and lightweight thermal management system further preserves the dissipated heat and reduces the cooling drag. In fact, the electric drive unit produces minimal waste heat courtesy of the technologically advanced air-flow management system and cooling plate. The waste heat is redirected to the cabin inside in colder regions via the innovative heat pump which speaks volumes about the EV’s craving for energy efficiency to the last bit.

Roof mounted Solar cells       

To make the most of the available energy, Mercedes-Benz developed electric system in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Europe’s largest solar energy research institute) to extract energy from the solar cells on the EQXX’s roof. On a good day, the solar energy system can add around 25 km of range on long distance journeys. 

Mercedes-Benz has put a lot of time and effort into designing the most efficient aerodynamically tuned system for the car, as it has a major bearing on the range. The less visually obvious active and passive aerodynamic details like the small frontal section or the air breather at the front bumper are good examples of the cutting-edge engineering employed in the development.

Minimalistic interiors done in organic way

The VISION EQXX electric vehicle’s interior is centered on the use of lightweight structures and organic-inspired design detailing. The focus is on the principle of maximum comfort and style while minimizing the weight and ditching the use of animal-derived materials.

The door pulls are crafted from AMsilk’s Biosteel fiber (biotechnology-based and certified-vegan silk-like fabric) which is a high-strength material, and used for the first time ever in the automotive sector. The floor and the carpet are made out of 100 percent bamboo fiber which does offer a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Other sustainable materials used in the EQXX include Mylo – a verified vegan leather alternative, Deserttex – an animal-free leather alternative made from cactus-based biomaterial, and recycled PET bottles to enhance the look of floor area and door trim.        

The technological influence in the interiors is apparent in the form of UI and UX elements with the use of game-engine-powered interfaces to bring the real world into the car depending on the driver’s needs. There’s a seamless 47.5-inch display (8K resolution) from one pillar to the other – connecting the driver to the other people in the car, as well as the world outside.  

The energy efficiency theme follows to the audio system too in the EQXX’s ecosystem. The 4D audio output is optimized to minimize energy consumption by reducing the sound degradation by positioning the speakers close to the occupants. It has an efficiency assistant which beams recommendations to the driver just like in Formula E motor racing!