Sustainable luxury hotels opening in 2021

Presumably, 2021 is going to be a little less chaotic and slightly safer for travel – traditional travel routes will open and we would be yearning for luxury adventures yet again. While your favorite destinations will be on the calendars, there are some interesting hotels that are opening next year and a traveler in you would want to check-in.

If you’re a conscious traveler – one with a certain fetish for more sustainable hotels and getaways, this round-up of new luxury hotels that pay genuine attention to sustainability will be of interest to you. So when it is time to travel again, these could be the destinations you would want to be in – the properties would still be following social distancing norms and taking other safety measures.

Six Senses Botanique in Brazil

Another green gem from Asian brand Six Senses that dwells on the concept of authenticity and sustainability, the Six Senses Botanique is their first offering in the Americas. Spanning across 700 acres of lush, mid-tropical Atlantic forests in Mantiqueira area in close proximity to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the property integrates local features with modern luxuries to achieve a place that connects seamlessly with nature around. It will comprise 13 villas and seven suits to start with next year and more inventory of 14 villas will be added with time. The spa on the property uses Brazilian botanicals and the restaurant serves farm-fresh fruits, veggies, and native drinks. “Six Senses Botanique will appeal to guests seeking an eco-retreat in nature along with authentic Brazilian design, culture and cuisine,” brand CEO Neil Jacobs stresses.

Treeful Treehouse Resort in Japan

A treehouse resort planned and executed with sustainability at the fore, the Treeful is located in Nago city in the proximity of Okinawa, Japan. The resort promotes sustainability using alternative energy instead of fossil fuels for all its power needs. The design-forward resort is close to nature – it features one treehouse with 360 degrees windows and air-conditioning, overlooking Japan’s clearest water river, the Genka River. All set to start hosting guests next year, the Treeful must be on your list should you find yourself venturing to the land of the rising sun.

Casa di Langa in Italy

A sustainable luxury resort coming up in the heart of Piedmont region in Italy, the Casa di Langa spans over 42 hectares of vineyards and natural landscape that guests’ scan venture out to explore during their stay. Situated close to the UNESCO World Heritage site that’s home to some of the finest wines and white truffles, this 39-room eco-conscious hotel is made in traditional architecture using sustainably sourced local materials. The restaurant and cocktail bar serves regional cuisine and local wines that should be an experience in itself. For benefit of more conscious, the hotel uses 100-percent recycled water and does its share to stay committed to carbon neutrality.

Aurora Lodge in Norway

Northern lights is one of the finest natural phenomenon to experience – and this luxury lodge in the remote setting of Norway gives you the front-seat to the theatrics. Aurora Lodge is designed by award-winning Scandinavian architect, Snorre Stinessen, and for the plush adventurer, it’s a marvel in the pristine Norwegian wilderness. This eco-conscious lodge is only 100m from the sea and is remotely situated – challenging to reach unless you board a helicopter from Tromsø. It comprises six luxurious suites complete with Hästens beds and Antonio Lupi bathrooms, while a permanently alive fire in the living area offers a perfect setting for an experience in comfortable wellbeing.

The Pavilions Anana Krabi in Thailand

This eco-sustainable resort is nestled well within the spectacular beauty of limestone cliffs and green valleys of Krabi, Thailand. The Pavilions Anana Krabi offers the eco-conscious guest an unparalleled experience with primary focus on sustainability and wellness. There is a Himalaya Salt room, natural volcanic water pool, and exclusive spa treatments on the property which can be used to enrich the soul and restore the body and mind. If you want to reconnect with nature and pamper yourself in luxury the hotel is expected to open in February next year, you can plan for a reservation.