The top five treadmills to pick from Amazon right now

Has your fitness regime brought you to a point where you’re searching the length and breadth of the internet for a perfect treadmill (considering it’s unsafe to visit the local brick and mortar store)? You have just landed at the right place. Based on the consumer reviews and our choice, we have rounded up the top treadmills you can pick from Amazon without much ado.

Incomparable to other equipment in your home gym setup – that has arguably grown manifold during the pandemic – a treadmill is go-to equipment to meet fitness goals. Whether you like to run or walk, climb or descend in the process, these treadmills with their smart features will keep you connected and on top of your parameters at every moment.

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Si 

NordicTrack has a track record, if you may, for delivering treadmills packed with high-end features. It seldom forays in the affordable segment yet there is an option that flirts around the $1,000 mark. Dubbed the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si it is a definite option to bank on if you’re an avid walker or a gentle runner. The actual highlight is a 10-inch touchscreen on the machine that offers real-time fitness stats to keep you engaged and motivated. But for the more intrigued, the major takeaway is the access to iFit Coach that tags you to world-class fitness program.

XTERRA Fitness TR150

If you’ve been delaying a treadmill just because of the space crunch in your apartment, spare a thought for a foldable option that can be easily stored away after use. XTERRA Fitness TR150 folding treadmill comes with a slightly smaller 5-inch LCD display aboard. Despite the petit size, the screen gives you real-time access to speed, time, distance, and incline. You can also track the calories you’re burning and your pulse rate in the process. Designed with 12 preset programs for a variety of workouts, the treadmill offers 0.5-10 MPH range and has a pull knob to fold and unfold.

Horizon Fitness T101

An incredible option for its price, the Horizon Fitness T101 doesn’t come with a fancy onboard display, it does allow you to dock your device securely to view instructor-led programs. The treadmill is comfortable to jog or walk on and according to numerous reviewers who have tried it, it’s incredibly silent. The built-in dock for your tablet or phone is also capable of charging it so you are ready to go full power to the next destination, after workout, your routine takes you to.

ProForm 505 CST  

Rated one of the best treadmills in many roundups including WireCutter’s review, the ProForm 505 CST comes pre-apt with a month’s free trial of iFit giving you the option to train with interactive sessions led by industry-leading coaches. You can watch the interactive session on the onboard 5-inch display, which also displays the speed, time, distance and burnt calories for a quick glance. Equipped for 0-10 MPH range, the ProForm treadmill has dual 2-inch speakers and Aux port to play music from your device so you can sweat to your favorite track.  

Nautilus T618

A part of the Nautilus Performance Series, the T618 Treadmill is not for an average Joe. The high-power machine is apt for professional runners desirous of taking their game to the next level. Pre-loaded with training programs and featuring Bluetooth for connectivity, the machine features dual-screen that shows workout metrics – including heart rate – and media being played from a connected smart device. The belt comprises Rebound cushioning to minimize the impact on landing, and the treadmill features access to 27 routes around 19 different locations to allow the user to virtual run alongside people from various locations.

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