These are most wish-listed Airbnb rentals in the US

If you are ready to get out and explore the world again, Airbnb has just revealed its most wish-listed rentals across the world and US-based properties are on the top of the list. The home rental giant has shown what travelers are seeking for their next vacation. Searches for both remote retreats for the spring and summer, and one-of-a-kind domestic escapes have seen a recent rise. 

While Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and London are leading international travel destinations, many people are looking for unique domestic experiences. Let’s find out more about the most wish-listed Airbnb rentals in America this year and what they have to offer.

Zion A Frame EcoCabin, Utah

This Zion A Frame eco-cabin is the top wish-listed rental among US travelers. Offering breathtaking views of the southern side of the Zion Mountains, the cabin is close to Utah’s Zion National Park which has miles of forest trails to satiate the adventure seekers. The vacation rental can accommodate two people who are looking for a distinctive glamping experience with absolutely stunning landscapes. It has basic amenities to make your stay comfortable, and there is a town nearby that gives you access to grocery stores and restaurants.

The Swing House, Ohio

A realization of a 30-year-old dream, this house accommodates a 30-feet swing and offers lodging for two people who want to enjoy this peculiar setting as a work of art. Artist Mark Dejong has created The Swing House and hosts it on Airbnb. Everything about this house is simply mesmerizing. The upper level has a bed, a swing, and a table; while the basement has a bathroom and houses an art exhibition in an intimate and warm gallery.

Kettle House, Galveston, Texas

The famous Galveston Kettle House is on Airbnb and it is one of the most popular rental properties in Texas. This is a newly renovated 1960’s home that was originally built as a steel storage tank. It features foam insulation and central AC for a comfortable stay. Located near a beach, there are two queen beds in the downstairs bedroom, while a bathroom and main bedroom is upstairs with a living space and kitchenette.

Architectural Wonder in the Woods, Rhinebeck, New York

This Architectural Wonder in the Woods offers the perfect weekend getaway for the city dwellers. Overlooking the natural treasure of the Hudson Valley, the house is an open plan and can accommodate three people on beds that are all organic Japanese futons. Running on solar energy, the house has two levels and the kitchen sits in the center. An artist project, the house has a minimalistic layout and can provide you an artistic inspiration.

Creekside Hideaway, Montana

Giving major Hobbit house vibes, this Creekside Hideaway is an earth house and is an ideal location to spend quality time with family or friends this spring. Located in the foothills of the Elkhorn Mountains, the house boasts a clean Scandinavian style décor. There are four full-size built-in sleeping nooks, each with its own lights and electrical outlets. It has a hidden private bedroom, accessible through a secret door. You can enter the shower through a tree trunk.

Unique Earthhouse Retreat, Springfield, Missouri

If you are someone who loves to stay in luxury while vacationing, this Unique Earthhouse retreat in Missouri’s Springfield is absolutely perfect for you. This modern underground 3-bed, 3-bath home blends nature and architecture with an open inviting floor plan. It has plenty of natural light, high-end furnishings, and contemporary décor. There is a spacious yard, fire pit, patio and garden outside the house for the guests to enjoy the outdoors.