These European countries are welcoming Covid-19 vaccinated travelers

While the coronavirus had put travel largely on hold, the rollout of vaccines has jumpstarted the tourism industry in some countries. Once travelers have received Covid-19 vaccination, some nations are allowing international travelers to enter without negative coronavirus test reports or having to quarantine.

The rate of vaccine accessibility is different across the world, nonetheless, various European countries are now opening their borders to fully vaccinated travelers from selected parts of the world.


Ireland will be open to vaccinated travelers, including those from the UK and the US, from July 19. The country will allow vacationers who have received both doses of the Covid vaccination to enter the country without any test or having to quarantine. The tourists will be able to journey across Ireland, including over the open border to Northern Ireland. People with no vaccination arriving from outside the European Union, including children between seven and eighteen years old, will need to provide proof of a negative Covid test result upon reaching the country and self-quarantine before a second test.


The French government announced that vaccinated tourists from the UK will not need to quarantine if they can provide a negative PCR test upon arrival. From June 9 onward, foreign tourists from outside the EU will be able to enter the country. Unvaccinated British travelers will have to quarantine for seven days and provide a negative test result. Visitors from seven countries classed as “green” – Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, and Singapore – will be allowed to visit France without the need to take the Covid test if they are vaccinated.


Portugal has been removed from the green list (where quarantine-free travel is permitted) and added to the amber list. It is against government guidance to travel from England to Portugal and anyone who does so will have to undergo certain tests and self-isolation. Portugal has yet to confirm when its borders will remain open for British tourism; however, the country had plans to welcome British holidaymakers without the need for quarantine or additional testing.


Greece is all set to welcome foreign travelers, where adults will have to present a certificate to verify that they have either had both doses of a vaccine, received antibodies or have a valid negative test. The travelers are not subjected to quarantine in Greece, although the destination is on the amber list, meaning people will need to quarantine on return to the UK. Nine airports have been opened for ease of travel.


Croatia welcomes vaccinated travelers from selected countries, including the US, excluding them from pre-arrival testing or self-isolation requirements. Vaccinated tourists must arrive at least 14 days after receiving their last shot of either a two-dose vaccine or the single-dose vaccine. The country also allows Americans who have not received vaccination but requires them to either show proof of a negative PCR or rapid antigen Covid test taken within 48 hours of arriving.


Citizens and residents of the European Union and Schengen nations as well as those from a long list of additional countries are allowed to enter Bulgaria if they can present a full vaccination certificate at least 14 days before arrival. The country is also open to people who have contracted and recovered from Covid six months prior to entry or with a negative test result obtained within 72 hours upon arrival.