Visit Mikane Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, wish for money to multiply

Somewhere in Japan, specifically in Kyoto, there is said to be a shrine that can make you rich. We had no idea if the effect is true but there is no harm in trying, right? It may be just Japanese culture but it’s worth a try.

If you already live in Japan, just head on to Kyoto, the country’s cultural capital. If you’re traveling to Japan from another country, you can go on a side trip. The shrine isn’t the only special attraction there but the Mikane Shrine is certainly a tourist spot to try.

When You Wish Upon a Shrine

The Mikane Shrine is located in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan. Add it to your itinerary and wish hard you’d get rich. The shrine has been around for more than a century since it was founded in 1883. It is known for being its connection to prosperity and wealth, attracting people hoping to become rich.

Mikane, when written in kanji, can also be read as “okane” which means money in Japanese. The shrine doesn’t make you do anything too difficult. You just visit the shrine, pass first through the golden torii gate and then explore the grounds of the shrine.

You hope to attract good luck for more money and riches as you put money into the wicker baskets you see. You then wash with water to “purify” them. We hope that you meet the god of money as you wish for more.

Invest Money, Collect Later

After wishing, you can buy souvenirs like protection charms and Shinto amulets. Buy a fukusaifu which is a “prosperous wallet” already blessed by the shrine. It really is all about the money here. If there’s one thing we noticed, you have to “invest” some amount and wait for the money to multiply.

You put coins and bills to purify and then you spend some more to buy a wallet where money will supposedly multiply. It’s not expensive though as it is only $9.30 (1000 yen). Not bad at all and again, there is no harm in trying.    

Note that going to the Mikane Shrine will NOT make you prosperous in other aspects of your life like love, career, or business. Your “luck” will only be boosted here. By luck, we mean luck in fast ways of getting money like gambling. If you’re into gambling or lottery, it is suggested you go to the Mikane Shrine.

So, who’s willing to go to the Mikane Shrine? You won’t lose anything except maybe a few coins and bills?