Best headphones that’ll help you sleep more soundly

Modern lifestyle has had a huge impact on our sleeping habits as we constantly keep staring at our smartphones deep into the night. This has a grave impact on our overall wellbeing in the long run. Another reason for your sleepless nights can be the ear-numbing snoring of your partner that can be overly frustrating.

So how do you calm down your senses and have a sound night’s sleep – a relaxing regime that reduces anxiety and makes all the ambient noises go away – which usually keeps you tossing and turning hours after you hit the bed. Headphones can be of great help in lulling you to the most relaxing sleep for a healthy lifestyle. So here are the best ones to choose from. These have been selected keeping in mind the preferences of every individual and their sleeping styles.

Moonbow Bedphones

The Bedphones, as the name suggests are specifically designed keeping in mind people who find it very hard to sleep at night. These wired headphones have a soft foam-covered super-thin material and a patented on-ear design for a comfortable fit while sleeping.

As compared to your conventional earphones, the Bedphones have a very flat profile and are far easier on your ears. Ones who side sleep a lot will like the on-ear design of the earphones, especially the rubber earhooks that keep them from tangling during sleep. The sound from these earphones is natural and has a flat profile that is not very bass heavy. 


SleepPhones Wireless sleep headphones

What better than having wireless headphones that have been particularly developed for bad sleepers? Coming in a headband form, the SleepPhones are a way better option if your preference is comfort. They’re designed by health experts keeping in mind the problems that night owls face and won’t irritate you even a bit.

The Bluetooth headphones wrap around your ears and the soft comfortable fabric makes sure you don’t even notice any discomfort at all – it’s the same for people with sensitive skin. The speakers are placed tactically inside them for an encapsulating soundscape that makes you forget every stress, to sleep like a baby.

Joseche Sleep Headphones

These headphones are perfect for people who prefer covering their eyes before or while sleeping to block out any visible light. Joseche Sleep Headphones are not only suited for people who like eye mask but also for frequent travelers who want to catch on a relaxing nap on-board a flight.

These headphones have a built-in microphone too for people who like to speak with their loved ones as they transition into a dreamy world. The soft fabric placed right where eyes and ears would rest on the headphones makes them a cozy option for colder regions in particular. For better hygiene, the speakers and control panel can be removed and washed easily.

Bose Sleepbuds 2

For bad sleepers who are more into sleep buds, it doesn’t better than the Bose Sleepbuds 2. The truly wireless earbuds block out all the ambient noise beyond recognition and are designed to keep ergonomic comfort while sleeping in mind. The sleep aid accessory comes with its own Bose Sleep app with tons of options to play ambient sounds.

The TWS sleep earbuds isolate the outside world and help your slumber into a cozy sleep routine every night without having to do much. They’ve been designed in association with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center and are clinically proven to improve sleep quality by up to 76-percent.


Quiet On earbuds

Another option for earbuds lovers but with more flexibility as compared to the Bose ones. These can be used to play any music, sleep stories or ambient soundscapes to shun the world outside. These noise cancelling earbuds cancel out the snores or low pitch ambient noises in your sleep environment to prepare you for a relaxed sleep.

These are one of the smallest form factor earbuds you can get out there are specially tailored for sleeping, travel, or focus. If you want, you can double them as your go-to music listening accessories too. So, in a way, Quiet On earbuds are bang for the buck and yes they will improve your sleeping patterns for a fresher start each morning.