Narke Electrojet is a fully electric jet ski

A company called Narke has unveiled a new personal watercraft known as the Electrojet. One glance at the Electrojet, and it’s easy to see that it’s a sit-down watercraft anyone who’s ventured to the lake has seen zipping around the water. The big difference here is that the Electrojet doesn’t use a gasoline-powered motor; it’s all-electric.

Narke says that the Electrojet reaches above industry standards with luxury features making it a high spec water toy that’s 100 percent green with a revolutionary and unique design. The water vehicle has a range of up to two hours of ride time with a charge time of 1.5 hours.

The electric watercraft is registered as a small pleasure boat and is rated for both fresh and seawater use. It’s said to be “practically maintenance-free.” Narke aims the Electrojet at those who live aboard yachts, noting that since it’s electric, there is no need to carry gasoline on board.

The company also produces yacht-friendly charging options and points out that there is no noise or smell with the water toy. The battery inside the watercraft is a 24 kWh lithium-ion unit. It features a seven-inch color display that is readable in bright sunlight that can be customized with information the rider wants to see.

The electric motor inside the watercraft delivers 95 horsepower, and the company notes that it’s two hours of ride time estimate is under ideal driving conditions. It features smart navigation modes and an electronic brake and reverse system. Data that can be displayed on the customizable screen includes travel distance, time to empty, port distance, and shared riding data, among other information. The top speed is 75 km/h.