La Mascherina handcrafted leather face masks with washable filters

Apart from adjusting our lives in order to live in the presence of the coronavirus, we also had to upgrade our wardrobe a little. Grooming kits, jewelry and other accessories come after the personal protective equipment now. Masks have become crucial to stop the spread of the virus, and are now a part of daily life.

Amid the pandemic, many fashion houses have created stylish versions of face masks to keep you in style while protecting against the disease. After Burberry and Louis Vuitton now another brand has launched its premium line of masks.

La Mascherina

Famous for well-crafted leather accessories since the early 90s, the Philippine-born brand, Fino Leatherwear has launched La Mascherina, a premium leather face mask. La Mascherina range is distinctive, reliable and above all, stylish. High-quality French or Italian calfskin has been used to craft these stunning masks.

It has a soft sheepskin lining that ensures ultimate comfort. Integrated detachable and washable filters, which are made of molded foam thermos-welded fabric, make the masks durable and safe. The top flaps on the mask are crafted to close the gap between cheek and nose-bridge.

Featuring interchangeable leather straps, the masks let you mix and match various colors ranging from tan, beige, blue, maroon, and rouge for PHP 1,950 (roughly $40 each). The company is running a crowd-funding campaign to hopefully introduce more designs, colors, and sizes.

A fashion statement

Called La Mascherina (Italian for mask), the stunning collection of leather face masks is a creation of the brand co-owner Rommel Bautista. A doctor by profession, Rommel understood the importance of a face mask in preventing pathogen spread and therefore wanted to create a comfortable and protective mask range.

The very design element of the masks reflect the brand’s distinct character, and the fine materials and skilled craftsmanship have made the new collection truly phenomenal. Made from premium leather, these masks smell and feel great. Supple and soft to touch, Le Mascherina adds flair to any outfit and makes a great style statement.