Best underrated horror movies to stream online this Halloween

The greatest horror movies of all time are those which get under your skin with original conceits and sharpen your paranoia. While there is a sea of movies in the genre, there are many brilliant movies that have not received much success but deliver classic scare and live up to the legacy of horror movies.

While classic horror movies like The Silence of The Lambs, Scream, The Exorcist, and The Shining can frighten you to the core, there are a few uncelebrated titles that have brilliantly unnerving stories and scary elements that live up to the genre’s reputation.

Here are some of the best underrated horror movies, available on various streaming services, which guarantee you a good time and some scare during Halloween. So turn off the lights, grab a blanket and enjoy these spooky, scary gems with your loved ones.

Netflix’s Brand of Horror

For nearly a decade now, Netflix has brought brilliantly directed and written movies to fans worldwide, including some of the greatest horror movies. It has been a haven for horror fans and it still has many underrated gems to be found in the genre.

Session 9’s scary story of an abandoned mental hospital, the dystopian Spanish film The Platform, psychotic plot of The Girl on The Third Floor, chilling The Blackcoat’s Daughter, unsettling story of Eli and gripping Cam are among the few attention-grabbing movies, which did not receive much-deserved appreciation for their distinct features.

Spine-Chilling Movies of Hulu

In the past years, Hulu has started to enhance its horror content. The streaming service has struck licensing deals to carry some genuinely great films, and has worked to create plenty of original movies through both its anthology series Into the Dark and separately developed featured films.

Horror movies like The Clovehitch Killer, The Lodge, Southbound, Wounds, Greener Grass, Midnight Kiss, Goodnight Mommy, The Other Lamb and Oculus provide a whole new bunch of spine-chilling stories that will make you double-check the doors before you sleep at night. These movies not only offer a good scare but provide a profound look into the human psyche.

HBO Max’s Horror Content

Though fairly recent, HBO Max has earned quite the place in the long line of streaming services. Most of its horror collection are either mainstream films like Annabelle Comes Home and Jeepers Creepers or a bunch of celebrated horror movies from the cinema’s golden age.

But, it does offer a few lesser-known gems including Snatchers, the 1955 French film Diabolique, Japanese movie House, and brilliantly presented Ready or Not. These movies are, though, underrated, they are quite the feat of storytelling. Spell-binding, these movies will scare you, but will not let you off the hook for even a moment.