Finest outdoor fire pits to choose from in 2020

Campfires have been a way of socializing in human society for centuries. Now with constricted spaces in urban settings, at times it gets infeasible to have traditional campfire settings. This is where an outdoor fire pit comes into play allowing people to have a safe and convenient option to enjoy bonfires.

In a way, fire pit gives you the right excuse to stay outdoors in the lawn on a frigid winter evening. Over the years fire pit has become one accessory that everyone fancies having at home. Whether it be for lawn parties or simply having some lone time under the starry sky. The portability aspect of fire pits gives the user multitude of options to put this outdoor accessory to good use.   

From the countless options out there, at times it is hard to choose the best fire pit depending on what you actually want from it. So here are the best fire pits you can opt for and won’t have any complaints for years to follow.

Outland Firebowl 883 Outdoor Fire Pit

This fire pit is perfect for cities as it is ultra-portable, weather-resistant and mess-free. It works with propane gas, so you don’t need to worry about ash or cleaning woes. The fire pit has smokeless flame which is the best for urban spaces. Another advantage of being a propane gas fire pit is the fact that it is also a good option for campfires outdoors. Buy at $170.

Landmark 25282 Barrone Fire Pit

A compact and refined-looking outdoor fire pit that is ideal for an average-sized backyard. If you want to enjoy contemporary campfire ambiance, this is the ideal choice as it burns large logs too. The bronze finish along with the sleekly designed frame will make the Landmark 25282 Barrone Fire Pit the prime element of every outdoor gathering. Buy for $300.

Solo Stove Bonfire Outdoor Fire Pit

Another good portable option is the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit which is perfect for outdoor activities and campfires. The minimalist fire pit is made for starting quick bonfires without any hassles. Being lightweight, it weighs just 20 pounds, it is very versatile for use. The double-wall design assists in smokeless burning of wood as it increases airflow. Buy for $270.

Yaheetech Metal Outdoor Fire Pit

One look at this fire pit and you’ll want to own it. Ideal for medium-sized lawns and outdoor spaces that can accommodate a fire pit for a multitude of uses, The Yaheetech Metal Outdoor Fire Pit has everything you want. It is durable, looks good, has a sturdy design and can also be used as a barbeque grill. What’s more, well you can also use it as an ice pit in the relentless summer heat. Buy for $160.

Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Base Fire Pit

For those who give preference to design and aesthetics, the Sun Joe outdoor fire pit is the one to buy. This one has a large fire bowl having a durable cast iron base for that eye-popping look. The fire pit can be set up by the pool side, patio or the open lawn to enjoy the warmth of wood burning. The stone material used in the fire pit makes it resistant to temperatures even up to 1,112 degrees, making it ideal for large gatherings without any worries. Buy for $200.

Bali Outdoors 50,000BTU Fire Pit

Another stunning fire pit for ones who want it to be the centerpiece of their patio. Bali Outdoors 50,000BTU is a deep gas fire pit with hidden controls and electronic ignition. So, the fire pit is ready for use within minutes at the push of a button. It is hassle-free and designed meticulously, making it well-tailored for urban settings. Buy for $180.

Kingso Outdoor Fire Pit

Lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere. This is the Kingso Outdoor Fire Pit which doubles as a barbeque grill or bonfire maker. The high quality finish and elegant design makes it a preferred choice of many for a good reason. Functionality and the hard to ignore price of this fire pit makes it one of the most popular options to consider and that’s why it makes to this list too. Buy for $60.

Backyard Wildlife Fire Pit and Grill

Whether it’s about grilling marshmallows while enjoying the warmth of the fire or planning an extended weekend hike to the mountains, this fire pit is one we suggest. The design of this fire pit is inspired by the wildlife theme and the functionality too is tailor-made for outdoor adventures. Compact size and the contoured form factor makes it ideal for safe use in any kind of settings. Buy for $180.