Bottega Veneta Quilted Sneaker Roller Skates announced

Let’s face it, the pandemic is far from over. While some countries and economies are opening up, there are regions that are closing their borders. We have no idea when this season of lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, and remote work will end. It doesn’t mean that life should just remain as it is though. 

We can survive and thrive at the same time. Like millions of people around the world, you have probably picked up a new hobby or two. Many have unlocked a few skills. If you haven’t, there is still time. 

Bottega Veneta Wants You to Go Try a New Sport

Bottega Veneta Quilt Roller Skates Grass Launch

For sneakerheads, you may probably be thinking of basketball. But for others, why not consider roller skating. So that’s not exactly easy but it could be fun. If you haven’t tried it once in your life, you may want to get this classy pair of Bottega Veneta Quilt Roller Skates.

We’re not forcing you to skate around town but the shoes definitely look cool, don’t you think? This new offering for Fall/Winter 2021 will be available in three colors: Grass, Cobalt, and Sea Salt. Basically, that’s green, blue, and beige. 

Bottega Veneta Quilt Roller Skates Design

Bottega Veneta Quilt Roller Skates Sea Salt

The Bottega Veneta Quilt Roller Skates boast of an upper that is made of premium lambskin leather. The base of the skates is made of a gum-rubber sole unit. The toe stopper and tonal wheels are placed on a metal plate track under the sole. 

The roller skate shoes are based on another  Bottega Veneta pair for FW21. The shoes look almost the same except for the wheels. The pair comes with the same tonal terry cloth lining, tonal laces, and  webbing heel tab.

 The public won’t know you’re wearing a pair from Bottega Veneta. The branding is simply found on the leather insoles. For $2,100 USD, it’s either you want to show the pair off. That or just your roller skating skills. The pair will be available beginning 18th of September. Pre-order HERE.