Five best dating apps for men in 2022: Take your pick!

If I have to be brutally honest, times have changed and so has the dating scene. Earlier, two people would meet over a coffee date to decide whether they wanted to get into a relationship or not. Nowadays, it’s the opposite; two people end up getting laid first, just to decide whether they want to wine and dine together in the future. Whatever be your choice, the important thing is to keep meeting new people and add spice to your single and boring life.

If you are a man, every app is a dating app for you. You can have your shot at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; but you have to be really smart and cheeky to grab a women’s attention on these portals. Words are the key to a women’s heart! It doesn’t imply you start jabbering proses at a woman. I mean, be smart, careful, and confident with your expression and mannerism.

In case, you aren’t good enough with words and suck at humor, the only savior for you is dedicated dating apps. The best part about dating apps is that they don’t differentiate between an introvert and an extrovert. All you have to do is create a profile and find what you seek, whether it is love, friendship or anything or everything in between (those who know, know!). 


If you are someone who’s heartbroken numerous times, Tinder is your bae (before anything else).  This dating application started ten years back and was one of the first modern-day dating apps to break into the scene after people were sick of corny dating websites. Cut short to 2022, it is the most preferred dating cum flinging app around the world. The reason is, it is for everyone, irrespective of their gender. The best part about Tinder is that it follows no algorithm and connects you to people based on your geolocation. All you have to do is right swipe a stream of photos and stay hopeful that the other person swipes you too. And who knows your potential match is the girl next door!  


If you are looking for a serious relationship and a long-term commitment, Hinge is something you can rely upon. While I can’t guarantee what your partner would be like, you’d surely find some like-minded people here. It is an app that has gained a reputation for serious dating unlike Tinder, and that is why the company itself touts, ‘it is designed to be deleted.’ Made for both Android and iOS users, it is one of the first dating apps that lets you face chat (video chat) with your match. There is a more detailed profile that you have to fill out, and the comments you get on your pictures or stories serve as a conversation starter.


People looking for love become easily susceptible to someone’s lust on dating websites and online applications for dating. However, that is not the case on eHarmony. In fact, it is a dating application with the highest success rate according to BusinessWire. The report celebrates eHarmony’s success and mentions how it edges over other dating applications on the most successful marriages and lowest divorce rates. The app works on an algorithm and tries to find a suitable match for you. All you have to do as a user is create an account and fill out a relationship questionnaire and leave the rest up to the algorithm to find a like-minded partner for you.


Bumble is one dating application that has gained a false reputation for being a hookup site more like Tinder. The application is certainly more than just flings or finding friends with benefits. Well, it totally depends on you what your preferences are. Bumble, in fact, lets you clarify in your profile itself whether you are looking for something serious or a casual relationship. The sad part may be that women get to make the first move but that’s the good part as well because if they text you first, it means the woman is certainly interested in you. It’s a win-win for single guys out there!


OkCupid debuted in 2004 but was overshadowed by the likes of Tinder and Hinge in the coming years. With direct competition with eHarmony, the application never achieved its pinnacle. Nevertheless, it was meant for old-school lovers. While it may not be as popular as Tinder or Bumble today, it is certainly more reliable than any of them. The application is best suited for men who are willing to explore a new chapter in life. It gives you plenty of options to choose from and clearly asks your preferences whether you are a hook up enthusiast or a long-term relationship seeker. The application also uses an in-house algorithm that takes you through a quiz to find your potential match. It then calculates the best match for you.