Five desk chairs you should have in your home office

Work from has become the new normal. Neither of us was prepared to transform a room at home into an office that we would work out off for months together. But that’s how it is now. Every household has a small or large nook fitted with a workstation. If you are part of this new (ab)normal, I am sure, you’d be missing the ergonomics of your office chair. It is hard to beat that comfort with the makeshift desk chair you’d be using in this work from home regime.

A desk chair to sit and work out off is not just important for comfort but it also ensures an upright and steady posture which is very important if you sit and stare into the screen for long hours. Realizing that most of us are in a fix of which chair to buy for our home office that is going to be the workplace for an uncertain future – we have rounded up five quality office chairs you can get for your work from home requirements.

ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll

Knoll is the master when it comes to office chairs, and this title is well justified by the $610 ReGeneration chair, which isn’t just another chunk of plastic to deal with. Most part of the chair is made from recycled materials including soy and corn byproducts. The thoughtful chair feels comfortable and has a flexible structure that responds as you move around in it through the day.

Keeping in tune with the office chairs, it features a height-adjustable lever under the seat and has a low profile generally. So if you love to snoop in close to the desk, this chair will let you do so easily.   

Alera Elusion Office Chair

Who said only exorbitant sticker price can guarantee ergonomics, top-notch comfort and style? The Alera Elusion is here to prove them wrong. This is one chair that flutters around the $200 mark and has the style and comfort of a higher-priced office chair.   

It features a mesh back and loads of recline and tension adjustment options. The cool and breathable mesh back is married with contoured fabric upholstered seat and waterfall edge to assist is easing pressure on the legs caused by long sitting sessions. If you want a chair that’s doesn’t give you a panic attack with its tag, this is the one to take home.

Flash Furniture High-Back Chair

If there is a chair that can compete with some of the high priced chairs in the $100 bracket is the high-back chair with headrest from Flash Furniture. This one with mesh back and comfortable seat has slightly compromised plastic quality in the construction, which can be overlooked considering the price.

It doesn’t have the adjustable armrests, but the headrest, height and lumbar support – all are fully adjustable and add to the sitter’s comfort. Despite the modest price tag, the chair is pleasing to look at and would make a good addition to your home office particularly if you’re not willing to shell out a fortune but want a decent chair that supports your posture.

Blu Dot Daily Task Chair

If you are building a spicier office nook at home, black chair is surely not going to complement it well. Venturing out into more hues, you can rest upon the Daily Task Chair by Blu Dot, which is available in three colors – Gingrich Green, Gingrich Charcoal and Red. Priced at about $599, the chair is on the higher side of the budget but has some perks to complement the tag.

The Daily Task Chair features a well-padded seat and upholstered back and has powder-coated steel arms and base. Being a more superior alternative to plastic chairs, this comes with adjustable height and tilt tension so that the comfort is ensured.

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

In apartments and modular houses, space comes for a premium – which means, whatever furniture you’re fitting in should have some sort of space-saving traits. The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair fits the cut just perfectly. It has armrests that can be lifted or lowered in cause you want to slide the chair under the table to save some space.

The chair has an innovative tri-panel mesh high back that allows for comfortable reclining. For reclining, the chair eliminates the locks and resistance knobs, the cleaner look is not just pleasing to the eye but is also more supporting to the back while reclining. Knocking at the $900 price bracket, this is one of the more expensive chairs on our list.