Five European nations to reopen borders for summer tourism if Coronavirus permits

With the spread of novel pandemic the world was shut-down to essentials supplies. However, we see the countries gradually opening up their internal affairs to public now. Being a revenue catalyst to most nations, Tourism and Travel trade industry around the world was the first to get impacted with COVID-19 and will be the last to revive up to its potential.

Recently, The European Commission was in the news for promising the European summer tourism season. A proposal to gradually lift up the international borders has been initiated to mobilize tourism activities. However, renewal of tourism may come with strict travel terms, COVID-19 tests, and quarantine conditions initially. If you are planning a summer trip to Europe, here are five popularly visited counties reopening for tourism.


Dominated by Alps mountain range, Austria is a landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe, showcasing its urbanization and mesmerizing landscape it has evolved as a cultural exchange hub in Europe. Tourism forms an important part of the country’s economy. Easing the COVID-19 restrictions in the domestic sphere, Austria is motivated to reopen its borders and prepare for initializing its summer tourism by mid-June.

Austrian borders with Czechs and Germans may unlock by May end. The Austrian tourism minister said that visitors may be quarantined for two weeks on arrival. However, travelers who are exempt from current travel restrictions may get themselves Corona tested for €190 and escape the quarantine if result’s negative.


The celebrated tourist destination of the world, France has eased COVID-19 restrictions since May 11, and the nation is motivated to mobilize the domestic summer tourism around the end of May. The date is not yet certain, however, the French Government has plans to reopen summer tourism activities for international travelers post mid-June. The COVID-19 measures will not to be relaxed while you explore the French architectural heritage this summer.


Also known as Hellas, this is a beautiful Southern European nation. With its rich culture and ancient history, Tourism is the key contributor to its economy. The Greek Government is planning to reopen and welcome tourists post July 1, as the internal activities are gradually being reinstated to normal. The tourists may indulge in sightseeing and cherish hospitality. However, the exciting nightlife may take some time to resume. With a well-managed Coronavirus outbreak and limiting the spread so far, Greece is looking forward to its summer season footfall.


“The Land of Fire and Ice” This mesmerizing Nordic country is the most sparsely populated country in Northern Europe and has emerged as one of the world’s top travel destinations. Tourism has substantially grown and boosted the national economy. Setting a worldwide example in tackling COVID-19, Iceland is highly motivated to revive its summer tourism activities by June 15. The plan is simple; people visiting the nation will have to go through the Coronavirus test provided by the state and stay quarantined until the report arrives. If negative, they are free to explore the nation’s extreme geological contrasts.


It’s the world’s largest landlocked country located in both Europe and Asia. Famous for its wild horses, the country is a celebrated destination amid adventure seekers. Tourism remains considerably important to its economy. The Government is keen on reopening its tourism activities as they have lifted the domestic COVID -19 restrictions recently. A Visa will be required and Coronavirus test will be done on arrival, the visitor will be quarantined till the test reports surface. In the case of a positive report, the person will be hospitalized for treatment.