Five little-known Canadian beaches worth a visit

When people think of Canada, beaches are most certainly not the first thing that come to mind. However, this country is home to a vast shoreline proffering pristine sands and azure waters in addition to countless lakes. Canada’s beaches are astonishingly beautiful with spectacular views.

While the famous beaches such as British Columbia’s Long Beach and Manitoba’s Grand Beach are often crowded, the country also has some other beautiful, lesser-known beaches you can pack your bags and go exploring. Here are such five hidden beaches in Canada that are worth a visit.

Sandy Cove, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Located in the Eastport Peninsula, Sandy Cove is famous for its brilliant beach, picturesque scenery and traditional Newfoundland heritage. Sitting just outside the town of Tilting, Sandy Cove is the only sand beach on Fogo Island. It has soft, fine sand and is a good spot for swimming owing to its shallow water along parts of the coastline. The beach shrinks with the tide so you would have to choose your location a bit carefully.

Katherine Cove, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

Located on Lake Superior, the clear water and fine sand beach make the Katherine Cove area picture-perfect for a summer day. This secluded strip of powder-fine sand features a rock depression that creates a pool within the lake, where water is shallow and perfect to relax in. This all-natural basin is surrounded by some of the freshest water on the planet in Caribbean colors and lustrous white sand.

Wellington Beach, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Wellington Beach is a pebble beach with a boardwalk that is quite popular among walkers and cyclists. The beach includes washrooms, picnic tables, benches, a pavilion and a boat launch. It is less crowded and is an amazing place for a family picnic, walking, sunbathing, swimming, canoeing and kayaking. You can also explore local bird and indigenous plant species.

Groves Point Provincial Park Beach, Nova Scotia

Groves Point Provincial Park is a popular site with a pebble beach and warm saltwater in Bras d’Or on Cape Breton Island. A small pebble-and-sand beach bordered by pristine parklands, this secluded spot is special for its inland ocean entrance. It is a great location for people who love to explore nature. You can enjoy the area’s wildlife, kayaking, sports fishing and swimming.

Annette Lake Beach, Alberta

Alberta’s lake beaches are quite famous among summer beach goers. The tiny Annette Lake in Jasper National Park is a perfect pick for its forested shoreline, gothic mountain backdrop and invigoratingly cold glacier waters. Located amid natural beauty, it is one of those rare beach locations where you can spot grizzly bears, elk and mule deer in the area.