The Best Places to Spend White Christmas

Christmas may be over but there is still the New Year to celebrate. For most people, they have a few days left to enjoy the holidays. Some may still be off-grid right now, trying to rest by going offline and far away from the busy-ness of life.

If you’re still planning because you’ve filed for that vacation leave, it’s not too late. Check out Airbnb right now for some of the most loveable homes for the holidays. For others who still want those cold but cozy winter nights, you can still go. Here are four Airbnb places that will make your dream of a White Christmas come true. There are more to try but these are our favorites.

Snow Igloo

Pelkosenniemi, Finland – You can experience being an Eskimo at least for a few days by staying at this Snow Igloo in Pelkosenniemi, Finland. This isn’t Helsinki, Finland where you can check out those five must-do things but this igloo is the real deal.

Well, this also isn’t exactly Antarctica but you can live out like an Eskimo but with a bit of comfort and luxury. You will find there thermal sleeping bags and proper beds. It really is cozy inside and fun outside. ($122/night)

Toybox Apartment

Victoria, Australia – This Toybox Apartment always got that holiday vibe. Any place where there are toys is like that to kids and adults alike. It really is a toy store where you can spend the night.

For toy lovers, you can take advantage of private viewings of the latest and most exclusive toys. Everything is beautiful and spacious. The kids will definitely love staying here. ($139/night)

Fairytale Gingerbread House

California, US – Here is another Airbnb for the young ones. Gingerbread houses are fun to decorate but living inside one is more awesome. There is a cabin in Geyserville, California that lets you live a magical dream. Just don’t try eating the doors and walls, okay?

Enjoy the holidays inside the Gingerbread House and live as if you’re in a fairytale. All those twinkling LED lights make things cozier while inside. ($87/night)

Treehouse Retreat

Montana, US – If you want to be “up” there, stay in this Treehouse in Montana. It’s a real treehouse you will have to climbed. The Montana Treehouse Retreat is located near Glacier Park.

You will have this treehouse all to yourself. Enjoy the snowy surroundings and simply have a chill time there. You need some time off and this treehouse can be the best place to spend the holidays, chill, write, or just spend quality time with loved ones. ($399/night)