How to use your Smartphone to find hidden cameras in your hotel room

With freedom comes great responsibility, and this applies the most to the technological sector. Countries like Japan and South Korea have tried to do their bit with Smartphone cameras. Although the repeated sound of the shutter can be irritating, but abusers of technology had found a way to take upskirt pictures of unsuspecting women, in crowded places. To curb this menace, the countries implemented mandatory shutter sound for cameras.

Likewise, with app-enabled hotels and bed-and-breakfast sprouting every nook and corner of the globe, it’s hard to maintain a set standard for privacy, when it comes to sneaky hosts with hidden cameras in guest bedrooms.

Hush, you’re live on camera!

It is possible for hotel owners and BnB hosts to hide tiny cameras that can record or even livestream in the dark. On one hand, I think it is acceptable to have cameras in common areas like the lobby of the hotel, corridors and maybe the porch and dining room.

However, taking it to the bedrooms is a complete violation of privacy. This problem is seen mainly in low-tier hotels and room rentals. So, if you are staying in a budget hotel or BnB, here is how you can spot a hidden camera, by simply using your Smartphone.

Your Smartphone is a Spy-phone

The first thing that you need to do, is to turn off the lights and draw the curtains. Basically, all sources of light, including the bathroom lights and night-lights. If any appliance or gadget is emitting light, then switch that off too. The idea is to make the room pitch black.

The second step is to switch on your Smartphone camera and scan the room with it. Scan clocks, books, artifacts, paintings, basically anything that looks oddly placed – or the norm. Sweep the entire room slowly with your camera’s lens.

What we are looking for through the camera lens, is small white spots that could be beaming out from anywhere. As your naked eyes are not able to detect the hidden camera, the support of your Smartphone camera is essential.

The white spots that your Smartphone detects, could potentially be a hidden camera. Should you find a white spot, look into it further. Most hidden cameras are surrounded with infrared – IR – blasters, which help them see in the dark. Since IR light can’t be detected by the human eye – and thus making it impossible for us to spot them – the camera of a Smartphone comes handy as it can detect the detect light from the infrared spectrum.

If you do happen to find a hidden camera in your hotel room, it is evidence that can incriminate your hotel. You should take it up with the local authorities immediately. And of course find a better hotel to stay in.