Five most expensive tiny houses you can buy on Amazon right now

Tiny houses have gained immense popularity in the past couple of years. So much so that you can buy one on Amazon now. The online retailer offers a myriad of tiny homes that can be used for many purposes – a backyard tiny house or shed that can double as a guest house, a fitness studio, a work-from-home space, and so on.

You can get some of the most amazing prefab tiny houses on Amazon with so many variations. Some house kits are packaged with most of the materials you will need such as doors, windows, and appliances, while others provide the main frame components as a starter kit, so you can erect your home to your desire.

The retailer has several kits, from little cabins to kits for tiny cottages with lofts, as well as container homes, sheds and pods that can serve as a tiny home as well. If the minimalistic lifestyle of a tiny house appeals to you, here are the five most expensive and comfortable tiny houses you can purchase from Amazon right now.

FarmHouse Kit

The FarmHouse 20-feet x 14-feet by Cedarshed is the perfect choice for you spring and summer oasis, complete with a cute little porch and window boxes. It will be a rustic and attractive addition to your backyard. It is a mid-sized shed, offering plenty of room and storage. You can also use it as a guest room, game room, hobby room, or a home office. There are two fixed windows that allow ample natural light to enter inside. The exterior of the FarmHouse is durable, eco-friendly, and features naturally decay-resistant western red cedar penalized wall sections for effortless assembly.

YARDADU Shed Pod – Zen Office

This small 104-square-feet glass pod is a perfect fit for the most petite yards. The Zen Office is a modular office that has architect-grade design and luxe finishes. The tiny office space features a titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy in multiple colors. It is a quality area with great insulation; it is also soundproof and waterproof. The thermal insulation is provided through an aluminum film composite board and plate. It also has hollow double-layer toughened sounds insulation glass. You can also use it as a studio for various creative activities.

MODS 40-Foot-Long Tiny Home

This 40-foot-long tiny home is fully furnished, pre-fabricated from a new shipping container. The home includes a bedroom, a shower, a toilet, a sink, a kitchenette, and a living area for comfortable setting. It features a double patio door within secure container doors. The home is fully insulated, has bottom sewer connection, easy side water and electrical connection. It is also heated and air conditioned with mini split. Simply put, this container home is an ideal option if you are looking to expand your living quarters.

EZ Supply Modern 1 Bedroom Tiny House

Complete with a plumbing system, electricity, flooring, and roofing, EZ supply modern 1 bedroom tiny house has it all. It is a fully built 20-feet house container can be used as a guest house as well. The house can be delivered to your doorstep and is easy to assemble. You can make it your private backyard getaway or a home office. It can also serve as an extension of your current dwelling. You can also make it a play house for your kids.

Prefabricated Modular Container House 20 ECO

This modular home comes equipped with weatherproof and leak-proof features. It has modern fixing including AC, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. You also have an option to buy more containers to increase the space. It can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. The tiny house has 20 feet for comfortable living, along with bedroom, tub, toilet, and sink, a kitchenette with kitchen appliances, and dining space.