Five weird sporting events you don’t want to be a part of

If you didn’t already believe it, the last 12 months or so have made it sure; we live in a crazy world. And in this cracked-up globe there are so many sporting events that cross the line of sanity for an average bloke.

From face slapping competition to toe wrestling championship there are weird games you wouldn’t want to be a part of. But if you can’t muster the courage take a slap, try carrying your wife to the finish line and see how this unfolds. That said, here are five strange sports that you may not want to feature in but may not mind seeing in person once in your lifetime.

Face slapping championship in Russia

As weird as it sounds, the face slapping championship is a Russian event that’s more a display of tolerance for pain than show of power. It involves two men across a table taking turns to slap each other as hard as they can – using the palm of the hand – until the other person can take another blow. The sporting competition pulls in a lot of men, putting their faces on the line to win the grand prize money of 25,000 Russian rubles ($350).

Bog snorkeling championship in Wales

Not sure how much you fancy the smell of muddy peat? There are some enduring individuals who love it so much that they assemble for a snorkeling journey through a muddy peat bog on the outskirts of Llanwrtyd Wells in Mid Wales. This game to tests endurance and skill requires one to swim 60 meters through the muddy peat bog wearing a snorkel. The more enduring can even indulge in bog triathlon comprising a run and mounting biking stint before getting dirty in the muddy bog. 

European sauna marathon in Estonia

Otepaa, also known as the winter capital of Estonia, is home to ski resort of Otepaa that hosts European sauna marathon in February every year. This unique event requires teams – ideally comprising four members each – to track and visit saunas on provided maps as quickly as possible. The participants are required to halt at every sauna for three minutes and the team fastest to complete their designated locations wins. To add fun midway, the team members are required to take a swim in the ice holes, plunge pools and negotiate other obstacles midway.   

Toe wrestling championship in England

Also referred to as arm wrestling for the feet; toe wrestling replaces hands with the big toe of the foot. The world championship, for this weird game, happens annually in Derbyshire, England in June. Toe Wrestling Championship requires competitors to interlock their big toes with the intention to force the opponent’s foot over to the other side until it touches the ground. The competition comprises three rounds starting with the right toe, then left and back again with right if players are equal in first two rounds.  

Wife carrying contest in Finland

If you haven’t guessed the intention of the sport by its name, read again; for it is what it reads. A competitor enters this international level competition with the intention to carry his wife on the shoulder through a 253 meter obstacle course. But you can’t win by putting your wife through diet since the rule of the game requires the lady to weigh over 49 kilograms and should be above 17 years of age. Once the qualification parameters are cleared, contestant have to carry their wives through three obstacle courses – one of which is a meter deep water obstacle – before finishing in the shortest time to win.