CATS The Movie, set to receive improved visual effects

Cats the Musical, is now Cats the Movie. The movie is still a musical and we’ll know soon if and how the latter is better and more exciting to watch. To be honest, we haven’t seen the musical on Broadway but we like what we see on the trailer.

That’s an honest truth from someone who doesn’t have a clue about the stage version. We’re familiar with the story but it’s different when you watch in a real theater versus a movie house. Not all musicals-turned-movies became successful. Some were not but we won’t indulge you in telling what they are.

It looks like the people behind CATS need to do something before we add it to the list of unsuccessful ones. No, we’re not professional critics but listening to some reviews and reports are now making us pay full attention and become more interested.

Movie to Still Be Enhanced Visually

There are some reports saying the movie will receive an update because of poor opening box office performance. Numbers are disappointing and the critics have been harsh.

To be honest, early reviews can’t always be trusted. It still is up to the moviegoer as the audience if he or she likes the movie. Those reviews are simply opinions and you shouldn’t be swayed by them.

CATS The Movie Version 1.1

As for the movie, it’s going to have a newer version. Movie theaters have been informed by Universal Pictures that changes will be made to the film. Director Tom Hooper is said to have requested the improvements.

The “improved visual effects” may be seen in the new version of Cats. Apparently, the director wasn’t really happy with the visual effects.

We’re not sure what has happened but Hooper had been working on the film until its release. His not being satisfied could have been expressed and known before the movie was out but then again we understand time is of the essence.

Now let’s wait and see what can still be done. And yes, “cats” (catch) the movie while you still can.