Interesting gifts options for coffee lovers

Coffee is a beverage favored by almost everyone. There is a passion behind the process from finding and grinding your favorite beans, getting the ideal coffee machine and perfecting the essence of the drink. There are people who simply love to drink the beverage and there are others who take the entire process of brewing to drinking quite seriously.

If you know one or the other, there are many things you can gift these coffee aficionados this holiday season. To enrich their coffee experience, here are the best gifts for every caffeine lover, right from brewing beginners to espresso fans.

AeroPress Go

The AeroPress Go travel coffee press is designed to offer smooth and delectable beverage on the go, without any bitterness. It works flawlessly for home or travel. This versatile brewer comes in a small size that makes 1-3 cups per press and features a mug and lid that double as a carrying case. With total immersion brewing process, it can brew hot coffee or espresso within a minute, while the cold brew takes two minutes to prepare.

What We Like: With a thoughtful design, the AeroPress Go ensures that everything fits well inside the 15 ounce mug to offer you an instant cup of coffee, regardless of where you are.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

According to coffee professionals, if you are serious about your brew, you should purchase whole beans and grind them yourself to ensure a smooth and fresh taste. Baratza Encore Conical Burr is a coffee grinder that is favored by caffeine specialists. Its front-mounted pulse button and a simple on and off switch makes it incredibly user-friendly. It has 40 conical burrs, allowing you to experiment with an extensive range of brewing methods.

What We Like: It brings the coffee to its full potential as its 40 individual grind settings allow you to work with espresso, drip or French press setups.

BrüMate’s Toddy Insulated Cup

The 16-ounce BrüMate Toddy is a 100 percent leak-proof, insulated travel mug that can keep your favorite beverage hot or cold on the go. It features BeyLock Technology with a fully leak-proof locking lid and a non-slip base. It is a versatile mug that can accompany you anywhere as its high-quality, airtight design lets you toss it in a bag or purse without spills. It comes in stylish variety of colors and prints to complement your style.

What We Like: Aside from BrüMate Toddy’s hermetic feature, its elegant design is another bonus that can be a perfect gift for both men and women.

Barista & Co Shorty Pour Over Jug

The Barista & Co Shorty Pour Over Jug features a compact design that eliminates the need for an electric pour over kettle. Its small gooseneck spout offers control over the flow and accuracy of water as you saturate your coffee grinds. The premium coated rust-resistant stainless steel makes it incredibly durable. With a handle-less design, the silicone grip protects your hand from the hot contents and is easy to store away.

What We Like: The heat-resistant jug has pressed permanent measure markings that allow you to measure the contents without a set of scales.

uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

It is the first integrated cold brew coffee maker and dispenser that provides the perfect at-home experience. Its stainless steel body is durable, portable and the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the contents cold all day long. All-in-one system brew cold brew and infuses nitro gas. It can keep the cold brews silky and fresh for up to two weeks without any clogs thanks to its double filtration system.

What We Like: Its nitrotap technology dispenses a full cascading pour, creamy texture and delicious flavor.

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