Men’s Fashion: 2024 Trends to Actually Follow

Fashion cycles (and recycles), and the dad life doesn’t always give you the time to keep up with the latest turn of the wheel. Still, you love a great outfit, want to look sharp, and appreciate timeless pieces that will last—and look great—for years to come. Here’s the DL on the men’s fashion trends we’re seeing for 2024.

Turning up the Volume

Kiss your skinny jeans goodbye. Across the board, designers have been incorporating greater volume in menswear. The rise of the oversized suit has persisted, with less exaggerated, more wearable versions coming down the runway in shows this year. Trousers—from business wear to jeans and chinos—grew in length and circumference, sometimes to the elephantine proportions of Y2K designs.

To keep your look updated, you don’t need the extreme. Invest in some straight-leg, boot cut, and other relaxed fits. In suiting, a looser, yet still-tailored approach will keep your look current. Pair your pants with a close-fitting knit sweater for trim contrast or with one of the year’s updated button-downs for a roomier fit.

Man in animal-print overcoat, turtleneck sweater, and loose, full trousers

Revisiting ’90s Minimalism

If you like a sleek, unfussy look, good news—’90s minimalism is making a comeback. Already on the rise last year, this trend continues in 2024, characterized by clean lines, minimal accessorizing, and neutral and pastel color palettes. 

Young man with tousled hair and glasses in a trench coat, sweater, and patterned pants

What does that look like? Think loose-fitting suits, lighter-weight fabrics, and solid base colors ranging from black, olive, or beige to powder blue. For casual wear, take an understated route by pairing pale or traditional indigo jeans with a roomy, quality tee and white kicks. What about outerwear? Both the leather bomber jacket and the classic ’90s trench coat are having a comeback, the latter characterized by a looser fit and pared-down hardware.

Riding the Athleisure Wave

Young man in a matching sweatsuit with a puffer vest and athletic shoes

Happily for most, athleisure seems here to stay. Designers keep bringing the latest sports fabric innovations into streetwear, and athletic shoes remain an everyday staple. Full tracksuits in vibrant colors are the latest runway iteration, but sports jerseys and boldly striped rugby shirts have also gotten in on the game. You can also expect more comfort-oriented details, such as elastic or drawstring waists, incorporated in other pant styles. 

Bottom line? You can keep your beloved joggers. It’s also still worth investing in high-quality knitwear, matched sweatsuits, drawstring chinos, and stylish athletic shoes that can take you from the gym to everyday errands or casual outings with the fam.

Taking a Cue from Workwear

In another nod to the ’90s, utility and workwear are cropping up as streetwear. Cargo and carpenter pants have returned, sporting exaggerated pockets, sturdy hardware, and classic reinforced stitching, now for decorative purposes. Roomy work jackets and vests with luxe finishes and stylish details also abounded on the runways, and even coverall-style jumpsuits and leather work aprons made an appearance.

For your purposes, staples like field jackets, trucker jackets, and cargo and carpenter pants can make a statement and offer long-term value, thanks to their sturdy fabrics and timeless appeal. And what dad couldn’t use a few extra pockets?

Young smiling man in a utility-inspired jacket

Making the Most of GORPcore

Young man wearing a hiking jacket leaning against a wooden building

GORPcore brings outdoor rec wear to everyday street looks, and outdoor fanatics will love that the trend isn’t going away. Your Patagonia and North Face outerwear and technical gear can go straight from the trails to the city streets. You, however, will need to shower first.

Pursuing Sustainability

Both in luxury and mass-market fashion, designers are increasingly choosing materials with an eye to develop ethical, sustainable production and circular consumption patterns. Expect to see classic bio fabrics, upcycled materials, and innovative fabrics created for sustainability. 

To support these efforts, look for fashion providers that are certified sustainable by reputable industry organizations. You can also go resale instead of retail at boutiques that sell high-quality vintage pieces and online luxury consignment sites, some of them run by high-end labels themselves.

Vintage shop owner at the counter, surrounded by men's clothes, books, and other pieces

A Closer Look at the Details

Shorts and jorts: With rising temperatures and loosening dress standards, it’s no surprise that shorts are having a moment. We haven’t reached ’80s proportions yet, but shorts are definitely getting shorter as mainstream brands jump on the Chubbies train with six- and five-inch inseams. And somehow jorts have fought their way back into style. (Don’t ask us to explain.) Shorts are even “suiting up” for semi-formal occasions. For a highly wearable version of this trend, spring for classic Bermuda shorts in quality fabrics. You can go for a full suit or just the shorts for dressy casual settings during the hot season.

High-waisted trousers: This year saw the return of an old-school look you may remember from classic cinema—the high-waisted trouser. Generally balanced with fuller volume in the pant leg, this style creates a more defined waist and overall longer look that offers a sense of classic elegance.

Double-breasted suits: Another Bogart-era style that’s been revamped for a new era, the double-breasted suit got top billing in recent collections. Whether paired with shorts, given a loose fit and left open, or sharply nipped in at the waist, this fashion icon is back.

Vests: You’ll find a wide variety of vests in vogue, from crocheted and traditional knit pullovers (AKA sweater vests)  to utility-inspired safari vests. You can wear them over a quality tee for effortless casual style, with a traditional button-down for a classic take, or solo, as an alternative to a sleeveless tee, paired with your favorite chinos or shorts for a preppy look with edge. 

Tweed: Always a classic, designers are showing this traditional fabric some love in 2024. If you haven’t invested in a quality tweed blazer, now’s the time.

Jean on jean: If you want to take a stab at pulling off a Canadian tuxedo, the jean on jean look is going strong. There are a variety of approaches you can take. We recommend either matching pieces of the same (or nearly same) wash or pairing contrasting washes (but avoid mixing different colors of denim).

What about footwear? Check out our 2024 men’s shoe trends guide.

Refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a total overhaul. With this fashion forecast in hand, you can capitalize on the trends that mesh with your personal style. Because, after all, you’re an original.

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