Putting That Best Foot Forward in 2024: A Guide to Men’s Shoe Trends

No outfit is complete without an awesome pair of shoes. And good news–2024 men’s shoe trends are buzzing with stylish options. Even better? Versatility, comfort, and flair are all on the menu, so you won’t need to sacrifice fashion for function—or vice versa—while you’re keeping up with the dad life. Here’s a look at the top men’s footwear trends for the upcoming year.

Booting Up

Man wearing black Chelsea boots sits in a chair with a coffee cup

Perfect for the current winter weather, this year’s boot trends keep your feet warm, dry, and in style. The latest fashions include shearling-lined options for extra cush and heat, and high-soled versions are perfect for navigating slush and puddles. To keep you at home in formal or informal settings, many come with dressier uppers as well. Standouts in versatility this season include perennial favorites like Chukka and Chelsea boots. If workwear and GORPcore are more your style, sturdy utility, combat, and hiking boots, particularly classic Timberlands, are getting high-fashion love as well.

Sneaking Out

Sneakerhead knows—the world of athletic shoes contains a multitude of styles. Here are a few points of interest to help you navigate the landscape.

Man lacing a pair of plain white low-stop sneakers
  • Knit sneakers: A surprise trend on the runways this year, sneakers with knit uppers add subtle visual interest to elevate a casual outfit. Practical plusses? They tend to breathe more and are often more sustainably made.
  • Low-tops: Low-top basketball sneaks and skater shoes continue to grow as a share of the market. The stylistic versatility of this sleeker-than–high-tops option is a plus—they look great with shorts, joggers, and pants of all cuts.
  • Retro: If retro is your style, rest assured that icons like Chucks, the Nike Killshot, and Adidas Gazelle are still going strong.
  • The white sneaker: A classic staple, it’s the shoe equivalent of the plain white T. There’s a lot of range here, from canvas Vans to the latest Nike and New Balance models. Pick the brand and style that suits you, and wear it with virtually anything. 
  • Bold but simple: Rich reds and greens are trending, and designers seem to be sticking to one or two bold colors in each design, rather than the explosion of colors seen in recent years. Another way to add some pop to your kicks? Silver sneakers are having a moment. If you  don’t want to go full throttle on this trend, plenty of designs incorporate metallic touches for a subdued variation.

Dressing Up

Man sitting in a chair lacing a pair of brown cap toe oxfords

Despite dire predictions for their demise with the rise of athleisure, classic men’s dress shoes are making a comeback. The epitome of this resurgence is the loafer, from the humble penny loafer to Gucci’s iconic horsebit model. Prefer a lace-up look? Try this years’ wingtips, brogues, or oxfords in vintage-style, often richly colored leather. It’s a dapper dresser’s delight out there in the footwear world. 

Slipping Out

Sandals and slip-ons like mules and clogs are set to be 2024’s summer look. For casual wear, invest in leather slide sandals like a classic, oiled-leather Birkenstock. Prefer to keep those toes shielded? Leather mules will carry you comfortably from city streets to backyard barbecues. There’s a surprising range of clogs to cradle your feet–including quirky Crocs, designer models such as Gucci’s horsebit edition, or sustainable options like Plasticana’s cult-classic Gardana Clogs. 

A man wearing a pair of classic Birkenstock-style sandals lounges on the beach

Leveling Up

Hybrids of one variety or another have been around in men’s footwear for a while, but the newest breed cooked up by shoe Frankendesigners aims for a more polished look, taking you effortlessly between work and play. Sneaker designers have added leather uppers to advanced sports chassis for guys who want spiffed-up sneaks for workwear, and the newest hybrid dress shoes incorporate comfort and functional features, like flex soles and knit uppers, typically reserved for athletic shoes. In short, everyone wins.

Most experts recommend replacing your “everyday” shoes on an annual basis. So after you’ve retired those down-at-heel faves, you know what to look for in a new pair—for the office, family outings, or wherever the dad life takes you.

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