Nothing Phone (1) leaks to reveal its unique design

No smartphone has created more hype in recent times than the Nothing Phone (1). Attribute it to Carl Pie’s vision and ideas, or merely to the refreshing take on the stale smartphone designs, either way it is exciting nerds without a doubt.

The company is going to launch its first smartphone, and the second ever product to the brand’s portfolio soon. July 12 is the scheduled launch date, and it is now just a few weeks away. Like any other hotly anticipated product, the Nothing Phone (1) has had its fair share of leaks and teasers, and today’s reveal is a big surprise.

Phone (1) looks like ‘Nothing’ before

Nothing has been teasing the anticipated rear look of the smartphone with cryptic images. Now we know, the backplate shows much of the innards of the device while those futuristic illuminations serve a purpose. The one around the camera is activated when the user is shooting photos or taking videos, the exclamation on the bottom for notifications, and the arc hugging the wireless charging coil glow to indicate low battery.

The more recent videos of the Phone (1) by Rafael Zeier and Das Kann Was provides eager geeks with a close-up and real-life design of the device. And if you find hints of iPhone 13 in it, then you’re not alone! Now it’s pretty clear, the smartphone has an aluminum mid-frame body, the power button is located on the right while the volume rockers reside on the left.

Is it worth the hype?  

Now that we’re in clear waters about the look, it’s more of a subjective experience. While the tech world expected a completely nude (transparent) look at the back, Nothing has stayed a bit on the safer side to lure more than just the passionate crowd. Not much has been revealed about the front of the device but one thing is for sure, it’ll miss the chin to ensure a premium appeal.

Without a doubt, the Nothing Phone (1) will get the flagship Snapdragon processor and a huge chunk of RAM. The Nothing OS based on Android 12 should make things interesting, and the launch should be another exciting event to keep an eye on. Interestingly, StockX will have an auction for 100 serialized units of the limited-edition Nothing Phone (other than for customers in Mexico and South Korea) from 0900 ET on June 21 and end at 0900 ET on June 23.