Stüssy x Converse Chuck 70 High to release on June 10, 2022

Stüssy and Nike share a lasting bond that’s only growing with passing time. To make a solid refection of their journey, Stüssy is joining forces with Converse to deliver a striking new Chuck 70 High. The much-anticipated sneaker finally has a release date.

The black and white Stüssy Chuck Taylor is likely to arrive on June 10, 2022, if the American fashion house is believed. Stüssy revealed the new launch date with a graphic on waves featuring a side view of a black and white Chuck 70 on Instagram yesterday.

An early glance

Only four days from now the Stüssy Chuck Taylor will make landfall. If you are late on updating your summer footwear collection, the Chuck 70 in the classic color combination will make a worthy rotation pair to clock up.

To start with, the apparent black upper rests on a striking white midsole accompanied by a bold black strikethrough running along the sides of the midsole. What will catch the eye of all fans in the dual white branding on the shoe. The silhouette provides equal canvas for Stüssy’s logo and the embroidered Converse star.

The arrival

For who knows what I’m talking, the black and white rendition is similar to a classic high Chuck 70, spare for a few branding variations. The new Chuck 70 sneaker arrives with a co-branded insole, like on the sneaker’s apparel-like material.

The Stüssy Chuck 70 June 10 release seems all in place now. The sneaker was first announced in April 2022 and since has had us fans on our toes.