Red Bull’s maiden production car to be built by Adrian Newey

Red Bull Racing is currently in the lead for both the Drivers and Constructors Championship. Riding high on the championship victory last season, the Red Bull F1 car is dominating the circuit at most venues in 2022 as well. The success can be attributed to the wisdom of Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, and of course, Max’s driving skills. The Red Bull ace has designed four Championship-winning cars for the camp, and now he will add another chapter to his grand success story.

The brand’s first-ever hypercar project has got the green signal; the two-seat racer will be made in a limited edition of 50 examples by the Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ wing. Dubbed the RB17, this performance four-wheeler will be designed under the leadership of Adrian.

Adrian Newey’s experience

According to team principal Christian Horner, the series production car powered by an 1100 hp V8 engine will wear the Red Bull brand logo and is one for the collectors to go after. In his successful career, Newey has the laurels of designing the gorgeous Aston Martin Valkyrie roadster priced at $3 million.

Such hypercars tend to sell fast, take for example the T50 hypercar designed by Gordon Murray. The RB17 production car slated to be available for purchase in 2025 will carry an estimated price tag of £5 million. Given its claimed abilities, the hypercar should also max out in sales in no time.

Built for the kill

The Red Bull hypercar will be crafted from the same carbon fiber composite that’s used in current generation Formula 1 cars. Newey is confident that the racer will have one of the “most advanced ground-effect package” that anyone has seen thus far. It will keep the series production car glued onto the tarmac. This will make the RB17 far superior while taking corners and exiting them with excellent traction.  

The car will be crafted at Red Bull Technology’s Milton Keynes Campus. For the exclusive owners, the maintenance and repair tasks post purchase will be handled by the factory. Owners will also have access to the simulators, driver training, and the vehicle program as part of the elite package.

Newey’s involvement in the project is a big advantage for the development of the production car. The level of technology and experience that’ll come into the build thanks to the man’s unique abilities for problem-solving in the most resourceful way. According to world champion Sebastian Vettel, Newey is an ace when it comes to aerodynamic innovations along with his mechanical and race engineering capabilities.