Smart technologies that will make your bedroom more luxurious

When you vision a luxury property or step right outside to demand one, first thing you reflect on is the number of rooms it has. How do you know each bedroom in the property is worth every penny you’re going to spare for it? Well, with the advent of smart technologies, which is revolutionizing and simplifying our lives in ways unimaginable before – you can be sure.

If the bedroom has motorized blinds, gadgets to play music on request, lights that change with mood, beds that put you to sleep better, and of course a more personalized way to get up each morning, you sure as hell should invest and make the home with a smart bedroom yours. It goes without saying that these (even more) smart technologies can be embedded in your current home. Read on to know the essentials to make your bedroom smart and luxurious.

Smart beds

Gone are days when beds that did nothing but let you sleep on them. Today beds are adjustable to your preferred sleeping routine – they alter themselves to your requirement and provide sleep analysis, so you know how well you’ve slept. Such smart beds come with a dedicated app to keep track on the sleeping routine and other factors.

Smart beds can sense pressure and automatically adjust to the sleeper’s requirement to ensure a better and more comfortable snooze. Beds come with sleep trackers that collect valuable sleep data and transfer the same to the app to reflect on your smartphone screen. Besides the interesting tracking features, certain smart beds also come with multifunctional prowess – they include speakers, massage chair, and safe to store your valuables.

Motorized blinds

When you can callout to the robot to clean your floor why shouldn’t you be able to control your window coverings remotely. Motorized blinds with range of benefits do just that. You can either lift or close smart shades remotely (via a smartphone or provided remote control) or schedule them to automatically close or open at a particular time.

Cords used to operate traditional blinds are dangerous for pets and children – the automated blinds are cordless, making them safe and convenient to operate for everyone. These can control the heat gain and loss in the home by opening and closing at pre-programmed times throughout the day – some of them are also smart enough to learn when they need to open and close (based on the sunlight and indoor temperature) to maximize energy efficiency at home.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is typically important for the sheer convenience and certain drama they bring to life. These lights can be controlled through an app on the smartphone, which means you can be just about anywhere and still control the lights of your bedroom – that is, turn it on or off – or make adjustments at will.

With the single press of a button or even through voice command, you can control the lights or have them programmed to switch on the moment you enter the bedroom and automatically turn of when you step outside. The smart lights dim or brighten or even change colors depending on your mood. 

Smart devices

You can talk about everything fancy but nothing is as essential as the smart devices. With a smart device installed, you can control the thermostat, play music or even lock the door with a simple voice command. You can either simply use a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or create a nexus of connected device to control your entire home from the comfort of your bed.

To connect all the devices around the house, you will need a central hub that will take commands from you to control them all. You can do this using a Google Home Hub or the SmartThings Hub from Samsung (to name a few) and control the lighting, security, and usage of electricity.