High-quality yoga mats men must invest in right away

Yoga is a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to improve strength, balance, flexibility and mental health. If you are looking to enhance your senses and physique through yoga, you must consider investing in a high-quality yoga mat. All you need is a space to stretch out and a reliable surface for your yoga postures.

A yoga mat is a versatile addition to your daily fitness regime. Together with your other at-home workout gear, yoga mats assist you in building muscles, increasing flexibility and improving the balance of the mind and the body. Here are some of the best mats available to help you start practicing yoga.

Manduka Ekolite Yoga Mat

With a dual function cushion, Manduka Ekolite eco-friendly yoga mat is made from biodegradable, harvested and natural tree rubber and rolls out effortlessly without curling up its ends. Its rippled surface offers a good grip that makes it really comfortable to transition between different poses. It features a thicker bottom layer that offers lightweight cushion and excellent loft and recovery for various poses.

Yoga Design Lab the Combo Yoga Mat

This luxurious mat is perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga enthusiasts. Featuring an extra comfy cushion, stability and responsive grip, this yoga mat reduces the chances of slipping and getting injured. It has an ultra-absorbent and colorful microfiber top layer that is bonded to a natural tree rubber base. With features like quick-drying and portability, the smooth surface allows for a smooth flow as you practice your morning routine.

Yogi Bare XL Yoga Mat

Extra-long and extra wide, this yoga mat for men provides ample space making it easier to practice yoga poses and asanas. Its extra-firm perforated rubber yoga mat is made from rubber, making this mat ideal for hot yoga and Pilates. The central line design works as a guide to make sure you are in the correct position, which comes in handy to master your yoga poses. Made from sustainable material, this mat is biodegradable and recyclable.

Yogamatters Aqua Evolve Yoga Mat

This Yogamatters mat is a sustainable product. The brand transforms algae blooms from rivers and lakes into ‘eco-foam,’ before returning clean, oxygenated water back into the ecosystem. Aqua Evolve is a long mat, which is a plus point for taller yogis. Its soft and comfortable surface is good for slower yoga sessions, such as meditation. It is free from toxic chemicals and dyes.

Sundried Jute Yoga Mat

Ideal for slower-paced sessions and meditation, Sundried Jute yoga mat is designed by athletes for athletes. Made from high-quality natural Jute fiber, this mat is thick, padded and has a soft base for comfortable footing while trying your yoga poses. Moreover, the eco-friendly material won’t fray or break. It comes with a strap, making it easy to roll up and take it with you anywhere you go.

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