The best road trip routes in America

When you need an escape from the hectic city life, it is a brilliant idea to pack a bag, load up the car, and head on a road trip. Be it for an afternoon or for a few weeks, a long drive through serene landscapes is the best way to unwind. You can see towering peaks and steep cliffs, gorgeous beaches, and quaint resort towns sprawled across the American landscape on one of your road journeys.

A ride on these routes offers a soothing experience and you get to explore various places along the way. You can drive down, across, and around or straight through the roads of the continental US and revel in spectacular scenic beauty. Read on for some of the best road trip routes in the country.

Miami to Key West: Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway is one of the most scenic road trip routes not only in America but in the world. The 150-mile asphalt highway runs over turquoise blue waters from Miami to Key West and packs numerous tropical views into a single route. The southern two-thirds along Route 1 has over 42 bridges and many keys for you to enjoy. Although the trip takes four hours from end to end, it has so many incredible beaches, oceanfront campgrounds, and water-sport spots.

San Francisco to Los Angeles: Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway captures the essence of California’s coastal beauty perfectly. The 650-mile stretch runs between Leggett in Mendocino County to Dana Point in Orange County along the Pacific Ocean. The route offers the most iconic sights in the state, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Mendocino Headlands, Malibu, Big Sur, and San Luis Obispo. It takes about five hours to drive through this scenic route.

Memphis to New Orleans: Great River Road

Sprawled over 2,000 miles along the Mississippi River, the Great River Road starts in Minnesota and crosses through 10 states. The most appealing stretch is in the southern reaches, along the Natchez Trace Parkway, which includes an old Native American trail for over 400 miles and features a number of ancient burial mounds. There are many cultural and historical sites along this picturesque road.

Montana: Going to the Sun Road

A scenic mountain road in the Rocky Mountains of the Western US, in Montana’s Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Road has been designated a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The narrow, two-lane 53-mile stretch is treacherous in parts, but offers breathtaking views of the national park, making this route worth exploring. Just remember to not traverse on this road during winters.

Cross Country: Route 66

If you are looking for a cross-country road trip, Route 66 is your best bet with scenic views. It is also called “Mother Road” which debuted during The Great Depression as one of the nation’s first highways. Route 66 is known for cross-country road tripping. The entire route from Chicago to Santa Monica is dotted with vintage motels, peculiar roadside attractions, souvenir shops, and retro diners for you to enjoy and relax.