Water bottles with filters for hassle-free hydration anywhere

When you’re out in the outdoors, you cannot be sure of the water you are drinking. For hassle-free hydration anywhere, it is essential to carry a water bottle with filter alongside the tent, cooking gear and the sleeping bag you’d normally lug along.  

There are a few incredible water filters like the LifeStraw designed for drinking water directly from the source, but these have a limitation. They do not allow you to carry water along, like a water bottle, for instance to locations where a source is absent. This is where water bottles with filters make more sense. We have therefore rounded up the best-rated filter bottles from Amazon that you can buy right away, to be sure of the water you’re drinking next time you’re camping or exploring the untrodden trails.

Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle

Brita stainless steel filtering water bottle in addition to being durable, feature double wall insulation that keeps the water cold and tasting good for 24 hours. It comes with a carbon filter tube attached to the bottle sipper, which reduces Chlorine taste in the water and also filters it to ensure your consume clean water without the waste. The filter is replaceable, while the water bottle has carrying loop for portability and one-hand push button lid for convenience.

Epic Nalgene OG Water Bottle with Filter

Nalgene water bottle uses interchangeable filters for depth and absorption filtration. The urban and outdoor filters (which can be swapped) have been tested to remove over 200+ known contaminants. The filter comprises coconut carbon fiber mesh, which is ecofriendly and lets you drink water out of a BPA free filter bottle. Available in different ounce sizes, the water bottle is good to be carried to the gym, office or the next camping trip alike.

SimPure Filtered Water Bottle

Unlike the single filter bottles, the SimPure water bottle fits within a hollow fiber UF Membrane, a coconut activated carbon mesh, and PP Cotton for cleaning the every possible foreign element in the water. Despite the straw for rigorous filtration process inside, the water bottle is regularly sized and is made to let you fill the bottle from the source and drink filtered water directly. The BPA free bottle allows you to switch the filter with regular straw when you want to carry the bottle to the office or gym.  

GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle

A water bottle with filter that can be utilized in a range of scenarios from travel, backpacking, or any situation, the Grayl GeoPress is unlike the other straw filter bottles in the list. This one has a unique bottle in the bottle setup wherein the inner 710ml chamber has a filter cartridge in the bottom. You fill the outer shell if the bottle with water from tap or a running source of water, with the help of soft press pads on the lid, press the inner chamber down into the outer shell and you have 24oz of safe, cleaning drinking water.  

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